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If you are a blog or website owner the most of your revenue is probably from ad and affiliate income.

With any new website, the first option to make money from ads is, Google Adsense. You can join their program even if your blog is just a few weeks old and the approval process is not too tedious. Having said that, there are certain websites that don’t get a straightforward approval.

So what do you do if you don’t get approved by them or if you are not happy with the income you make with Adsense?

I did some research and experimented with 2 such ad companies myself and found them to be an alternative to Adsense. My Google earnings seemed SO small as compared to the rest of these companies.

I am not a big fan of having a big number of AD or affiliate banners floating on my website. That’s one big reason why I wasn’t making a huge profit from Adsense. The ad companies I mention below are not very intrusive and give your readers a good reading experience while increasing your ad income.

Here are 3 of my favorite Adsense alternatives for bloggers and publishers looking to make MORE money.

*This post contains affiliate links. Please read disclosure here.

I started monetizing this blog with Adsense for almost 4 months. Adsense works by Pay-per-click and by impression. What this means is, you earn if someone clicks on your ads and by the number of times your ads are viewed by your reader.


I was barely making $100 a month with Adsense. That’s when my research began.

Made connections with other bloggers that recommended Media.net as a good Adsense alternative. So I gave it a shot. I started making almost double what I did with Adsense even though I placed fewer ads than Google Adsense on my blog.

You can increase your ad revenue by placing more ads. I was making a decent amount of money with my affiliate programs, so I didn’t want to mess that up by placing more ads.

Media.net is are owned by the Yahoo! Bing network and they place contextual ads that seamlessly flow with your content. I love how they never look like ads and gives your viewers a good reading experience.

They also provide high-quality display and native ads in your site that enhances the quality of your content.

The approval process usually takes 24-48 hours, and they also provide great support where you can get personalized help from your ad manager. I don’t believe there is a minimum requirement to be eligible for their program. But they do ask for high-quality original content.

I have a bonus link below where you can get an extra 10% revenue in your first 3 months.

Media.net 10% bonus sign up link>>


If you have more blog traffic try considering Mediavine. They accept bloggers with a minimum 25,000 sessions (NOT pageviews) in the last 30 days. This is good because you don’t need to calculate your sessions each month, but instead set your Google Analytics to the last 3o days and when you hit 25k you can apply right away.

Why do most bloggers including myself love Mediavine?

Their customer service is great, their ads look fantastic, they are created by publishers (bloggers like you and me!) and most of all their pay rates are fantastic. I went almost 4 times higher in revenue as compared to Adsense.

I joined Mediavine mid of November 2018, and for the first 17 days with Mediavine I made over $430.

If you don’t have those sessions yet, don’t get discouraged. I use Pinterest to bring me those big pageviews. I highly recommend you read this guide if you are new to Blogging and Pinterest and if you would like to start making money in your early days.

I went from 15,000 sessions to over 30,000 sessions in just one month, and you can read exactly how I did it here.

Sign up for Mediavine here if you’ve hit 25,000>>


If you still think it might take you a bit more time to reach the 25,000 sessions ( although I believe you can:), here’s another ad company that I have heard good reviews about – Monumetric.

You need to have at least 10,000 page views a month to be eligible to apply.

They might charge you a small one-time payment of $99 to join if your pageviews are under 80,000. But most bloggers say they make that money back easily in their first month.

My friend and fellow blogger Swati, used recently joined Monumetric and is happy about her decision.

Monumteric is an amazing way to get started on a premium ad network for those with lesser page views. I wish I’d know about them earlier. Their support is good, but the approval process can take a little over 4 weeks. The ad RPM picks up steadily and can take up to 3 months (as is for most ad networks) to reach its full potential.

Below is a screenshot of her first month with Monumetric.
You can see your revenue increase the longer you stay with the ad company. They willl help you place and manage your ads.

Apply now to Monumetric here>>

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