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Are you looking for remote jobs that don’t require talking on the phone or attending phone calls? Here is a list of non phone work from home jobs that are legitimate and fully flexible.

Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs

Starting a work at home job is a dream for most of us, and that’s mostly because of the flexibility it offers.

But one hurdle that is often encountered with remote work, is trying to overcome the distractions of working from home.

The best way out, is to choose a non-phone work from home job, so no matter how noisy your house gets, no one but you can hear it.

We have compiled a list of legit work from home jobs with no phone calls that are hiring now, which can be done either full time or part time.

These non-phone work from home jobs are perfect work from home jobs for moms that are looking to make an extra $100 a day.

Now let’s get started and check out some jobs that don’t require talking on the phone.

Work from Home Jobs No Phone Calls

1. Online Transcription

Transcription is highly talked about online job that only involves you and your computer.

As a transcriptionist, you will be given a set of audio files to listen and convert into text. You don’t need prior experience, but good typing skills give you bonus points.

If this is a career that interests you, you can build a full-time income out of it, earning upto $65,000 a year.

Here is a detailed post on how you can become a transcriptionist, and below are companies that have work available for transcribers.

Companies offering work from home transcription jobs:

2. Proofreading

If you like correcting grammatical errors and have an eye for detail, this could be just for you.

As a proofreader, you can work at home correcting errors in files.

These files can be in the form of books or any related document. You will be required to check for grammatical and typing errors. Its a more in-depth form of editing.

There are two types of proofreading – General and Legal. As a legal proofreader, your work can be a bit more demanding, but the pay does get higher than a general proofreader.

Here is a free proofreading online workshop that will help you understand the job of a proofreader and how you can begin this work at home career.

Companies hiring:

>>Here are 20 other online proofreading jobs to apply.

3. No Phone Customer Service Jobs

If you are looking for a customer support role that doesn’t require you to use your phone, these options may suit you.

These are customer service roles that require you to provide support and assistance via email and online chat.

4. Money Earning Phone Apps

While this involves using your phone’s apps, it does not require you to answer any phone calls and so I added this to the list.

Here are some of the highest paying apps to make money on your phone by completing a given task.

5. Freelance writing

If you are someone who likes to begin freelance writing as a career, then you must read this post on how she made $800 in her first month as a freelance writer.

On the other hand if you prefer to start a blog and make extra money that is definitely an option worth considering.

As a blogger, you have full control of your site, which includes how much you write, how you promote, and how much you invest into it. 

If you are looking for remote non phone writing jobs, you can take a look at the companies listed below.

Companies offering no phone work from home writing jobs:

If you are looking for a one time gig, where you want to be paid for each article you write, then here is a list of magazines that pay per article here.

You can earn anywhere between $50 to $250 per post. It usually depends on how long your post is and the size of their readers.

6. Virtual Assistant Jobs No Phone

As a virtual assistant, you can earn anything between $20-$40 an hour, depending on the time you put in.

Nowadays most businesses hire virtual assistants to outsource a lot of their daily marketing and routine tasks, so they can take care of other aspects of their business.

As a virtual assistant, you can help manage emails, phone calls, and over 275+ services from home.

Here is an entire list of services you can provide as a virtual assistant that you can download here for free.

Read here for the entire job description of a virtual assistant and how to you can become one.

Companies hiring:

7. Online Test Scoring Jobs

Online test scoring jobs are seasonal online work available for educational professionals.

The job involves scoring assessments such as test papers and essays from high school or college students.

8. Search Engine Evaluation

This might sound like a technical job, but it really isn’t.

What this means is that you are evaluating search engine rankings. So if someone types in vegan chocolate, you will need to check if the results that show up for that term are relevant to the readers.

This, in fact, is a fun way to make money and doesn’t require any special skills.

Companies hiring:

9. Data Entry Jobs

This is an administrative job where you maintain files (data) on the computer.

You might need to have some basic computer skills, although it doesn’t need to involve high-tech knowledge.

This is a remote job with no phone calls, and is a great option for stay-at-home moms who are in search of flexible work from home job options.

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Companies hiring:

10. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping involves organising financial transactions like recording money in-flow, expenses, and checking if statements are accurate.

Unlike an accountant, bookkeepers do not require a degree or qualification to get started.

An online training such as this popular course, will help you set foot into the bookkeeping industry. It is a 100% online training that will equip to become a freelance bookkeeper with a potential to earn up to $60 an hour.

I had the opportunity to interview two students of the Bookkeeper’s course, who are now earning $6,000-$8,000/month from home – read our interview here.

Companies hiring:

11. Online Teaching

If you are interested in teaching students online, you can consider taking up online tutoring jobs.

Most tutoring job opportunities require you to have a bachelors degree or relevant experience like mentoring, home-schooling or coaching. 

It can be a creative way of earning an income from home by sparing a couple hours of your time. This can either be a flexible part-time job or a second income idea.

On average, you can expect to earn an average of $20/hour and decide how many hours you want to work.

Companies that offer remote job opportunities:

12. Social Media Manager

If you use social media a lot, you can consider making money from it as a social media manager.

As a social media manager you will get to represent a company/brand through various social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

This could be by creating and publishing regular social media posts or responding to comments on the platform.

13. Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

The job of a search engine evaluator involves looking through Google search results to see if the search results are relevant to the query.

So for example if a user does a Google search for chocolate cupcake recipes, the results Google shows should be relevant – chocolate cupcake recipes.

While this might seem like a straightforward process, sometimes these search results don’t come up accurate.

So as a web search evaluator, you will get to rate if relevant and accurate search results appear for when a user does a Google search – this helps improve overall user experience.

14. Food delivery

These are flexible work from home job options that are great for students to make money over the weekend.

You can work as little or as many hours as you wish, to deliver food or groceries.

You will need a drivers license and some of them may require you to use your own vehicle.

There you have it.

An unending list of options for you to try and create an extra income from home.

If there are any online job options that have helped you financially, let us know in the comments below, so I can add it to this growing list.

Work from Home Jobs No Phone Calls