Starting a work at home job is a dream for most of us. But along with the flexibility it gives us, we need to overcome facing distractions while working from home.

Can you imagine answering your work phone while the doorbell rings or having noisy little kids in the background? 

So to make things easy I have created a list a non-phone work from home jobs that are hiring now, that DON’T need landline!

These are fully flexible and legitimate jobs that will make you money on the side even if you are working full time. 

I bet you like the sound of this. These are a list of companies that are currently hiring and you can apply to most of them even if you have no experience.

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Transcription is highly talked about online job that only involves you and your computer. As a transcriptionist, you will be given a set of audio files and will need to listen to it and convert it into text. You don’t need prior experience, but good typing skills give you bonus points.

If this is a career that interests you, you can build a full-time income out of it, earning upto $65,000 a year. Here is a detailed post on how you can become a transcriptionist, and below are companies that have work available for transcribers.

Companies hiring:



Go Transcript



If you like correcting grammatical errors and have an eye for detail, this could be just for you. As a proofreader, you can work at home correcting errors in files.

These files can be in the form of books or any related document. You will be required to check for grammatical and typing errors. Its a more in-depth form of editing.

There are two types of proofreaders – General and Legal. As a legal proofread your work can be a bit more demanding, but your pay does get higher.

Companies hiring:




Freelance writing:

I love anything to do with writing and that’s one of the reasons I took up blogging – and I love it!

If you are someone that prefers to write as a freelancer and not committed to a website, then you must read this post on how she made $800 in her first month as a freelance writer.

But if you like me, would like to start your own money making blog, now is the time to begin in 2019. You can start a blog and make extra money on the side while working full-time. Definitely worth considering. I started my blog in early 2018 and it brings me a steady income each month and I will be happy to guide you in this department!

Companies hiring:



If you are looking for a one time gig, where you want to be paid for each article you write, then here is a list of magazines that pay per article here. You can earn anywhere between $50 to $250 per post. It usually depends on how long your post is and the size of their readers.

Virtual assisting:

As a virtual assistant, you can earn anything between $20-$40 an hour, depending on the time you put in. Nowadays most businesses hire virtual assistants to outsource a lot of their daily marketing and routine tasks, so they can take care of other aspects of their business.

As a virtual assistant, you can help manage emails, phone calls, and over 150+ services from home. Here is an entire list of services you can provide as a virtual assistant Download now for FREE>> 

Read here for the entire job description of a virtual assistant and how to you can become one.

Companies hiring:




Fancy Hands

Worldwide 101

Search Engine Evaluation:

This might sound like a technical job, but it really isn’t. What this means is that you are evaluating search engine rankings. So if someone types in vegan chocolate, you will need to check if the results that show up for that term are relevant to the readers. This, in fact, is a fun way to make money and doesn’t require any fancy skills.

Companies hiring:

Lion Bridge


Data Entry:

This is an administrative job where you maintain files (data) on the computer. You might need to have some basic computer skills, although it doesn’t need to involve high-tech knowledge. This is a remote job option that is done outside the office and would suit moms that are willing to work from home.



The Smart Crowd


If you have prior accounting experience you can apply for online bookkeeping opportunities. You will work as a virtual bookkeeper and wouldn’t need to leave your home.

Companies hiring:

Accounting Department


Online Teaching:

You can become an online tutor without experience, teaching English to overseas children. You will be given material to help you with the teaching process so you don’t have to worry about doing YOUR homework. It can be a creative way of earning an income from home by sparing a couple hours of your time. This opportunity can earn you an average of $20/hour and you can decide how many hours you want to spend tutoring.

Companies hiring:




There you have it.

An unending list of options for you to try and create an extra income from home. If there are any online job options that have helped you financially, let us know in the comments below, so I can add it to this growing list.