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I am Saranya and I am here to help you make money, save money and be your own boss.

As a mom to two young kids, working from home was the best option for me and it has worked in my favor. I started this blog in early February 2018 and has been the best decision I made. It has given me the opportunity to work at home and watch my kids grow.

I have learned so much in this blogging journey that I have broken it down into simple blogging tips that will help you start and grow your own blog to make an income from home.

Whether you are a busy mom, a college student or someone looking for an extra income, you will find a list of legit options in here. I also dive deep into smart options that will save you money, with budgeting ideas for beginners and frugal living ideas.

If you have any questions along the way you can always send me an email at saranya@onefinewallet.com

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