*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure here

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read full disclosure here.

No, we are not talking about promoting on Facebook Pinterest threads.

Or sharing it directly to Pinterest.

Pinterest as a new blogger

I started my blog in March 2018, and it was a great start! I was sharing my blog posts on Facebook “re-pin threads” and my traffic grew.

Do you know what also grew?

Frustration. Yes!

I wondered how long I was going to be doing this to get readers to my blog. I mean, it’s a time consuming task and you are doing a favour in return for a favour. I still share to Facebook every now and then, but not as often as I used to.

The biggest disadvantage is, because all of us want to complete the threads we keep sharing others pins into the wrong Pinterest boards. Maybe because we don’t have a board for their pins, and this is actually going to kill the chances of REAL long term Pinterest traffic.

So if, you are sharing a “well keyworded, neat pin to a relevant niche specific Pinterest board” it will start showing up in Pinterest feeds because Pinterest understands your keywords better.

So what’s plan B?


A very little known, under-estimated tool that can actually be a MASSIVE traffic booster!

Want to know the basics of Tailwind tribes? Read how to use tribes here.

Once you sign up for Tailwind (even if you are on their free trail) you get instant access to use Tailwind tribes for free.

You can start sharing your pins and pinning others content from these tribes.

There is a limit on the free plan of 30 submissions every 30 days, but you can upgrade your plan to share more pins later.

Good news for new bloggers:

Tailwind is a fantastic tool even if you are a beginner. I started using it when I was just 5 weeks into blogging and began seeing a massive growth in traffic.

Here is how I got 600 pageviews a day on my 6 week old blog>>

As a new blogger I wasn’t accepted into many Pinterest group boards and that’s when I started pinning to tribes instead.

How to increase traffic to your blog from Pinterest

I was on the free plan with tailwind tribes for months and here’s what happened when I upgraded to share more pins. I saw my pageviews DOUBLE the very next month.



how to use pinterest to increase your traffic


PAGEVIEWS: 39,874 (Doubled in ONE month!)

how to use Pinterest to increase blog traffic

The reason tribes are great is because you have many big bloggers that are a part of these tribes. Most tribes only have a few hundred tribe members. So once you join an active tribe, your chances of getting your content shared is really high, something that I find rarely happens when I share it on small Pinterest groups.
If you join a tribe everyone MUST shares OTHERS pins and this is closely monitored by each tribe owner. So its a fair game!
When a blogger with a huge loyal foĺlowing share your pins, you get so much visibility.
It brings that amazing traffic to your blog.
Another reason why I love tribes, is because you can make a lot of connections with other bloggers. This helps because now when you later request to join their Pinterest group board – they know who you are and are ready to accept you to contribute to their board.
There is just so much confusion whether tailwind and its tribes can boost blog traffic. And I have personally found great success using it!

Now.. it’s not all about using tribes. There are a few other things you need to do as well.

Here are some Pinterest basics you need to cover>>

And apart from that your pin needs to be a standout! Canva is great but Picmonkey has crisp features to make your pins different from others in the Pinterest feed.
Get a 7-day Free Trial of PicMonkey

Let’s recap this real quick

1. Lay a solid Pinterest foundation – I highly recommend this guide to help you. This has been the only book I have bought to learn Pinterest and has grown my Pinterest views to a million. This is just EVERYTHING you need to know about Pinterest and is well worth your money! Takes you from beginner to advanced level in mastering Pinterest.

2. Join tailwind and start using the tribes feature. Each time you publish a new post, immediately share it to tribes and to your tailwind schedule.

3. Talking about traffic, the only way you can get readers to click your pin is by creating stunning visuals. I highly recommend Picmonkey and here’s a free trial to create some one of a kind pins. I would also recommend buying SOME high quality stock photos, if you can. I know as a new blogger there are so many expenses, but you can get hold of deals from stock membership sites during black friday or New Year.

4. Finally make it a habit to create and share new pins. Atleast 2 a week is good.

Might sound like simple tips. But these “simple tips” have transformed my blog in a month and I hope to see the same for you too.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose by signing up for the FREE  100 PINS TRIAL here.

Extra Tailwind BONUS:
And after you have signed up to tailwind using my link above I have a special 10% discount coupon only for my readers to use when upgrading to the Tailwind premium paid plan. Just email me for the discount link.


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