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I’m not one that enjoys time-consuming surveys or scammy work from home side hustles. I am sure you don’t either.

What we are going to talk about today is by far the best of the work-from-home websites. It is legitimate and has almost all of the work from home experts under one roof!

Today, I have an incredible interview with Caitlin Pyle, about the “Work-at-home school” which is her new initiative, to help you kick-start your work from home career at any level!

The Work-at-home school is an online program with an educational bundle that contains training and resources from top contributors in the work at home field.

It has over 35 high-value ebooks and courses that are well worth $7,000 for a huge HUGE discounted price.


You also get access to an exclusive members-only area for support and career growth.

If you are someone that wants to work from home but not sure where to start – this is the right place.

Who will benefit from the Work-at-Home school?

  • Stay at home parents who want to make a career from home. For moms that want to contribute to family finances while taking care of their kids at home.
  • For retirees that are looking for opportunities to keep themselves busy or build additional income
  • Those who want a side job to pay their debt faster
  • And for those who want to quit their job and to start a flexible and well paying online business.

From becoming a virtual assistant to transcript proofreading – you’ll find this and many more courses inside. 

*This post contains affiliate links. Please read full disclosure here.


First a little history about the Work-at-Home-School.

This online school for beginners was created by Caitlin Pyle, who also has a well- known Proofreading website called Proofread Anywhere which she started as a blog back in 2014.

Proofread Anywhere teaches you how to work from home, correcting grammatical errors in books and blogs for online content creators. If this is something that interests you, read how this stay-at-home mom of three makes money from home as a proofreader.

After the success of Proofread Anywhere, she decided to expand and create an online school to help new work from home aspirants start a career at home developing their own personal skills.

With the Work-at-home school, Caitlin has joined hands with some of the best in the industry to equip you with all the resources you need to begin working from home.

Caitlin is no stranger to media and the public. She has been featured in well-known media streams like Forbes, Fox News, Business Insider and the New York Post. Let’s head straight to the interview and see what Caitlin has to say.


Tell us a little about Work-At-Home School 

Work-At-Home School is the non-scammy place to learn REAL SKILLS you can use to EARN REAL money. You’ll get access to a collection of interviews, instructional videos, eBooks, lectures, and all-out e-courses contributed by top instructors from all over the world.

“You’ll get from $0 in work-at-home income to a full-time income in a year or less”.

There are even lessons that helped me land high-paying clients and start earning $80,000 per month!


Who will students learn from?

I’ve been teaching people how to work from home since 2014, so I’ve made a ton of connections in the work-at-home/entrepreneurial space.

I hand-selected each expert who would speak and contribute course material to Work-At-Home School, and I only invited the ones in whose work I believe in 100% — and that I’ve seen get amazing results for students. Some I’ve even personally paid for training and coaching in my own business that helped me DOUBLE my income!


What skills do I acquire after joining Work-At-Home School?

The unique thing about Work-At-Home School is that I approach skills in two ways.

You’ll first learn which skills you already have that people will pay for, and then you’ll also learn how to add to those skills to make yourself even more valuable.

Many people struggle with marketing themselves, and WAHS teaches you how to think outside the box and put yourself out there in a way that makes people want to hire you. You’ll learn how to get that first paying client and many more after that.


What makes this school different from other work-from-home programs?

I designed Work-At-Home School to be a one-stop-shop for your ENTIRE work from home journey. I’ve put the best of what I’ve learned over the years in ONE place so people like you can have faster success.

WAHS students will learn everything they need to be successful, plus have all the support they need along the way.

Here are some of the courses included when you buy the bundle:

Caitlin Pyle’s – Transcript Proofreading: Modules 1 & 2 – $197

Jennifer Thome’s – Turnkey Translator – $297

Ashley Gainers – Freelance Writing from A to Z – $149

Janet Shaughnessy’s – General Transcription Theory & Practice – $149

Rob & Melissa Stephensons – Flipper University – $189 (Selling flea market items on Facebook)

Brad McOwen’s –  Building a Website -$449

Sagan Morrow’s – Goodbye 9 to 5 – $249

Maia Xiong’s – Pinterest VA Primer -$97 (Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant)

Abbie Peret’s – Double your Freelance Income – $497

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s – The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing – $99

Julia Taylor’s – Learn to Code + WordPress + Geekpack – $497

Lauren Golden’s – The QuickStart Freelance Kit – $247

Julie Stoian’s- Create Your Laptop Life – $588

These are just a few of the courses, you check out the entire list of the other courses here.

No one else out there offers this level of knowledge and expertise all in one place!

It is over $7,000 worth of courses for less than $500! If you are serious about your starting your own work from home business, you might want to check it out here.

And better yet, the instructors have been personally vetted by me. I’ve taken out all the guesswork and worry whether or not someone is legitimate, saving you valuable time and money.

35+ Courses, EBooks, And Trainings  (Value $6,934)

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Apart from the trainings listed above, you also have access to these bonus study material:

The Work-At-Home School Student Group (Value $297)
The Work-At-Home Survival Guide  (Value $17)
The Money Mindset Transformation Guide And Workshop (Value $147)
The Work-At-Home Truth Bombs EBook (Value $7)
365-Day Access To The Work-At-Home Summit (Value $97)
The Get Started Blueprint (Value $47)


Is enrollment to Work-At-Home School opened throughout the year?

Yes. And if this is something you are interested in, you can join here.


 Is it possible for moms with little children to be able to find time to do this?


Many of our students are busy moms. The courses are self-paced so you can carve out as much or as little time as you need to complete the work. In fact, several of the speakers are moms themselves! And many of the speakers speak specifically to time-starved people who just want to get their work-at-home business running already (aka busy moms).

There are even courses inside the Work-At-Home School dedicated to helping you organize your time efficiently and get more done with less time.


Who is not a good fit for Work-At-Home School?

Work-At-Home School is not a good fit for those unwilling to put in hard work to see real results and those looking for a quick fix to their financial problems. Work-At-Home School is only for those willing to work hard to change their lives.

If you’d rather hope for the best and not take real action to improve your life, Work-At-Home School is not for you. 

Check out the Work-at-Home School’s free video masterclass right here.