Getting kids to learn the importance of being independent is great at an early age.

It not only teaches them to be responsible but helps build self-confidence and patience.

Are you a mom or a dad wondering how can kids make money? Or are you a kid looking for ways to make money?

To help you out, I have listed a few legitimate ideas below that are good in 2019.

Most of them are online jobs, with only a few that might require them to leave your home.

These are incredibly easy ways to make money for kids, and as parents, you can help them along the way as this might be their first money-making opportunity and would need your guidance.

If you are a kid reading this, make sure to ask your parents before beginning. Since this is money related and involves online work, its always good to get your parents involved right from the start.

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1. Sell crafts and decorations

One of the most easiest ways to make money is to sell little DIY projects if you enjoy crafts. There are so many things you can make, from jewellry to decorative pieces and more.

Depending on the level of complexity you can price your crafts. Its always a good idea to price it lesser than what it might normally cost when its shop bought. This doubles you chances of selling.

Some ideas: Creative decorations for Christmas, Easter, Mothers day or Fathers day. Best way to make it more profitable is to providec a personalised service. Like instead of selling a DIY Christmas globe – why not include a photo of them inside the bauble to make it more customised. Tutorial here

2. Bake and sell

Food is a big industry that sells well. If you are good at baking and cooking you can sell muffins, brownies and other simple recipes.

You can also create some crafty paper boxes to sell your bakes in. Presentation can be helpful when you are trying to sell as a kid, this shows the effort you have taken in making it a stand out product.

TIP: Creating speciality recipes like – vegan, keto, sugar-free recipes can be a bonus, as now that’s big in the market. You can ask an adult for help in finding recipes to create them.

make money as a kid

Some ideas: 

Decorated cakes, cupcakes, popcorn, brownies or cookies.

Remeber to sell for lower than the market price, but make sure you are able to cover the cost of the ingredients you used.


3. Make money with food

Since we are talking about food, here’s 7 other ways you can earn with food.

Most of the ideas are online side hustles, so you wouldn’t need to leave your home (expect for a couple of ways).

Starting a food blog is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about earning with food. Read here to learn 6 other easy ways to make money for food lovers.


4. KidzEyes (6-12yr olds)

You might have heard of online surveys that can make you money from home. Most of these have age restrictions, but KidzEyes is one such survey platform for 6-12 year olds living in the US.

You will need an adult to sign up for you and as you complete surveys you get to accumulate points that can be redeemed for a check.

If you are older than 16, here are some survey sites for you to make money. And if you are wondering how to make money as a 13 year old – here are a few survey sites lets you!


5. Sell personalised greetings

Whether it’s Christmas, New year, birthdays or Valentine’s day, the one thing they all have in common are gifts! Everyone wants to suprise their friends and family with something unique. Bring out the artist in you to create that special moment that sells.

Cricut is a great place to find the tools to need to make your job less stressfull. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative I highly recommend you check out Dollar Tree for your DIY projects (everything is $1).

6. Gift wrapping

You know there is going to be a lot of wrapping Christmas time. Offer this as a service to family and friends who might need help.

You can charge per unit. What this means is, you can charge per 10 gifts, 20 or 30.


7. Hair styling

Whether it’s for a party or a special occasion you can give friends and family an option to do their hair at a much cheaper price than the hairdressers.


8. Assistant

There are a lot of professions that need assistants. Helping tutor, teaching assistant class room, cafe assistant, library assistant and beauty assistant are a few to name.

Some may need experience and quailification, so its good to enquire and see if they are ready to accept you.


9. After school care

When you are ready to work as a nanny or provide after school care, KoruKids  is the place to start. They accept student applications.

The application process involves a 3 minute application form, a phone interview and a boot camp, after which they will match you with a family near you.


10. Freelance

If you are looking a few quick side hustles, why not try Fiverr?
Once you join Fiverr, you can create a profile and list services you are ready to provide.
Here are some simple ideas- graphic designing, create pin images for Pinterest, logo creation, write for blogs and websites.
Check out these websitesthat pay $50-$200 to write per article. This is a great way to make money immediately.

11. Sell photos

Good at photography?
Websites like shutterstock and istock pay you money when you submit professional quality photos. But if you are a beginner at it, you can try Fotolia and Foap.

12. Sell books

Bookscouter is a website that pays you money when you sell you old text books. They are a platform that sells secondhand books, so your old books can be used by someone else.

13. Start an etsy store

Etsy is a huge marketplace where once you join (which is free) you can sell handmade goods from jewelry, printables, scarves and so much more!
You will need to pay a listing fee of $0.20 and a 5% transaction fee when your product sells. This is a great option for those who are interested in building a career out of handmade crafts and ornaments.


14. For the love of animals

You can either do dog walking or pet sitting if you are good at handling animals.

Rover is one such platform that helps you find work. You get to set your own hours and price. There’s 24x7 support and vet assistance.

You can also take care of dogs overnight – which can pay you two times higher.


15. Part time jobs

Snagajob – over 300,000 part time and full time job openings in America for teenagers. Most jobs I’ve viewed are for those over 16 years of age.
You can also try Indeed, I have found many job vacancies where teenagers can apply.

16. Start a website or a YouTube channel

This is one of the most talked about work at home job option for almost any age group (and my favourite!)
I started this blog in 2018 and it now brings me steady money each month – all by working from home with two little kids. Whether you start a blog or a YouTube channel, the flexibility and the room for growth is incredible and I don’t see it dying down any time soon.
There are many kids and teens that have their own blogs and YouTube channel and making an income from home. I highly recommend this option if you are good at writing or happy to be in front of the camera.


17. Face painting or portrait drawing
If you are good at face painting, you can do this at Fun Fairs, or outdoor markets to cater to a larger audience. Potrait painting can also make you money as this is a personal keepsake gift.

18. Summer camp

You can organise a little summer camp and have kids participate in treasure hunts. You can hold it over a couple of days or even have it run a week.
Set up activities based on the age of the kids. Get parents involved if the kids you are handling are too young to manage on your own.


19. Teach a craft

No one is ever too young to teach. If there is a craft you are really good at why not get paid to teach it to someone.
Bluprint is an online platform that teaches you everything from cooking, sewing, and crafts. You can access the videos here for free. This may be of good help while teaching your skill to others.


20. Outdoor assistant

There are a few outdoor jobs you can do to make money.
Summer jobs: Mow the lawn, trim plants, grow veggies
Winter job: Shovel snow from driveway, clear ice from car.

21. Run errands

You can do small chores like getting things from the grocery store or the laundrette and get paid for it, from family or friends that need help.

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Want to know how to make money for kids? Here are 21 simple ways for kids to make money from home online. Ready to earn?


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