Easy things to make and sell for profit

If you enjoy crafts and DIY projects, you will love this post on 50 easy crafts that make money from your own home.

Yes, they are affordable, mess-free and easy crafts to make and sell.

Majority of the supplies used in the tutorials below can be bought from Dollar Tree, so you do not need to worry about spending too much.

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I have put together this list keeping in mind the cost and time factor. I know if you are a busy mom you might have your hands full already so these ideas won’t take a lot of your time.

Speaking of moms, if you are a stay-at-home mom, here are some other creative ideas that can make you money from home.

These money making ideas makes use of the skills you already have. Whether you are good with words, numbers or even writing. There’s something for everyone in here.

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Where to sell handmade items locally

Selling crafts from home is not as overwhelming as it sounds.

Some of the best places to sell your crafts online are by joining Facebook groups, starting an Etsy store, ShopHandmade, Aftcra and Zibbet.

But best of all is to start your own website and sell.

By doing this you are not bound by any rules to follow. You own this website and can promote however you may.

Starting a website costs under $100 a year, and you can turn it into an online craft business to generate a monthly income.

How do visitors come to your website?

By promoting on social media, and Pinterest is by far the fastest way to get your audience. Facebook and Instagram also work well to share your products and get the word out.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create pin images of your craft projects and promote on Pinterest.

Now let’s take a look at some of the hot crafts ideas to sell.


Here are new hot crafts to make and sell in 2019. They are cheap and mess-free crafts that will make you money. Are you ready? #crafts #makemoneyfromhome #howtomakemoney #makemoney #freeclasses #diy #sidehustles

Home Decor

crafts to sell and make money

crafts that sell for profit

  • Decorated tea trays
  • Wall hanging
  • Painted canvas
  • Bird Feeders
  • Wooden Cross



No-Sew Projects

crafts that make money


  • Calenders
  • Bible book covers
  • Bible scriptures
  • Motivational quotes
  • Planners


  • Handmade purses
  • Knitted scarves
  • Easy to make pendants

Crafts that make money

  • Leather or fabric keychains
  • Unique jewelry – Like these birthstone bracelets

  • Beautifully studded hair accessories

crafts to make and sell

  • Handmade aprons


crafts that make money

  • Body scrub
  • Soaps
  • Handwash

Gift packs

Cinnamon Stick Candle DIY Gift Idea

Kid Essentials

  • Stuffed toys
  • Handmade kids blouses
  • Handmade bibs
  • Handmade dolls

make money as a kid

  • Burp Cloths
  • Swaddles
  • Baby teether

DIY baby teether

  • Headbands
  • Hair ties
  • Scrunchies

diy KID bean bay tutorial


Bonus FREEBIE for you!

One last thing, If you are looking for free online craft classes for you to begin today here is a little bonus for you.

You have access to learn almost everything from sewing, cooking, painting, jewellery making and more.


The virtual classes are great if you are looking to polish your skills or to learn something new today!

40 crafts to make and sell. Online business ideas for women at home.

Crafts that sell