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While paid online research is great for those looking to earn some extra cash, it’s also a constructive way of learning what’s new in the market.

As a participant, you are representing a larger group of people that share your opinion.

User Interviews is one such platform that connects you to research studies that can be completed in-person or online.

Once you sign up with User Interviews you can choose projects that best suit your profile. The choice is yours.

*This post may contain affiliate links. Disclosure here.


What is User Interviews?

User Interviews(UI) is a paid online research platform that recruits research participants. They offer to pay between $50-$100 per hour as an incentive in research participation.

The research studies you take part can be in the form of an unmoderated online study, as a video call or as an in-person session. This information will be available to you before you participate in the study.


Who is eligible to participate?

They are accepting participants from the US, Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Germany, and South Africa.


How to join User Interviews as a participant?

If you live in the US or Canada, you can create a free account here.

Creating an account would take less than 2 minutes and you can begin applying for studies once your account is set up.

Opening an account will involve filling out some basic demographics to help match you with relevant studies. So make sure to fill them out correctly. However, if you do need to make changes to your profile you can always do so by logging into your account later.

Once your account is created, the final step is to verify your cell phone number. This is to ensure you are will be able to send and receive text messages for a study.


Companies that recruit participants

User Interviews has a lot of customers that use them to recruit research participants. Some of the companies they have partnered with are listed below.

  • Adobe
  • Uber
  • TripAdvisor
  • Wayfair
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify
  • Intuit
  • Vistaprint

Think about it, your voice might change the shape of the products these companies produce!


How do you know if you are fit for a study?

Once you sign in to your account, you can view your dashboard for available studies. Alternatively, you will also be emailed research studies that are best fit for you, based on your profile.

Your dashboard will be updated with new studies every day.

Once you have chosen your preferred study you will need to complete a few screener questions to see if you will be the right fit for the survey. If you have filled out your profile correctly, you are more likely to get accepted into studies have been listed based on your preference.

After you qualify for a survey you can schedule a time to participate in your study and get paid.


What are the types of studies available?

They have online one-on-one studies, focus groups, in-person and task-based studies.

This includes a wide range of topics like family, food, consumer goods, technology, hobbies, pets, sports, beauty and social media. As a participant, you will be able to voice your opinion on new products before they hit the market.

Your honest opinion matters, as this helps companies build better products, apps and websites.


If for any reason you are unable to participate in a study, they require you to give at least a 36-hour notice to cancel it. You can either message the research from within the UI dashboard or reach out to the UI support team through email.

Alternatively, you can also reschedule your study by letting the research know this.


How will I be Paid?

Payments are processed within 10 business days on completion of the study. They have different modes of payment. You can choose between cash, check, PayPal, Amazon and Visa gift card.

Before applying for each study you can view the amount of incentive you will receive and also choose your mode of payment.



Here are a few testimonials from past participants.

Here’s what Charlandria had to say,

I have made $605 on the 6 studies I have been in. My favourite studies so far have been the cooking journal study that lasted a week and only required me to log in 15 to 30 minutes a day to talk about cheese and I was paid $150.

My second favourite study required me to visit a Harley Motorcycle dealership near my home and take a 30-second video of myself checking out bikes. I was paid $250 for the initial study and paid another $75 just for doing some followup questions a couple of weeks later.

All in all, I have enjoyed the extra money. Being a stay at home mom I tend to have some free time during the day and even though I don’t work I want to feel like I am a small financial contribution even if it’s just being able to buy special gifts for my son and husband and not have to spend from our actual income.

This platform has offered many different studies and I have one study in particular that I did in January of 2019 and I am still in touch with the moderator of that study and helped to build a web page for people who love to cosplay.

I have networked and met new people because of that study and come to know a whole new group of friends that love something that I love. I continue to be apart of this community because I love voicing my opinion and helping to shape products of tomorrow.


Here is another testimonial from Norma F,

It’s great to have your voice valued and heard. My opinion matters. I contribute to humanity every time I participate.

Recently, I earned a $35.00 Amazon gift card for participating in a study. The best part was having an extra bit of cash in the midst of navigating a divorce.

Extra cash is extra cash especially when you get to buy something fun for your 5-year-old without worry. How great!

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I love completing surveys and using time on the NYC subway. Like the other day when my commute turned into 3 hours due to a signal problem now, I have a study coming up that pays $125. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!


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