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Acorns App Review 2021

Have you ever wanted to start investing but not know where to begin?

You have an interest in saving for the future but you’re a novice and you think it’s too expensive to start the process.

Setting money aside to invest is the hardest part.

Another reason why investing might be a problem is, if you are short of money – or on a tight budget.

**This post may contain affiliate links. Disclosure.

The best answer to this is the Acorns app.

This is a spare change investing app that helps you invest your pocket change easily and effortlessly.

So every time you use your debit or credit card (linked to the Acorns App) to shop, the app takes out a small amount of money and invests it for you. We are talking as little as even $0.50 for purchases. You are free to set the amount you want acorns to take out of every shop or round it up to the next dollar.

If you’re ready to start investing today with little to no work, you’ll like the Acorns investment app. 

Keep reading while we give you the full scoop on what this investment app is all about, including how the Acorns app works, safety, fees, finding out if it’s really worth it, and more! 


What is Acorns App?

The Acorns app is on a mission to look out for the financial interests of their consumers, empowering them to take their first step into micro-investing!

Their team is backed by world-class investors helping people overcome the challenge of thinking that they don’t have enough money to start investing.

Their crushing common fears about investing:

  • I don’t make enough money
  • I don’t know how to invest
  • I’m not an experienced investor
  • I’m not sure where to start
  • Investments are too complex or tedious

Acorns have simplified the micro-investing experience to make it attainable for everybody. They make it easy for you to invest in your future and this is how they do it.


How Does The Acorns App Work?

It’s all about investing small, manageable amounts of money that can add up big in the future. You can actually invest your spare change!

The process takes under 5 minutes to get started and helps you automatically add money to your diversified portfolio.

Once you join Acorns and link it to your credit or debit card you can begin investing.

Next time you shop with your link card, the acorns app will automatically round up your shopping total to the closest dollar and invest it for you.

So say you buy coffee for $3.40 using your debit card (connected to the Acorns app), the app will invest $0.60 to round up your shopping expense to $4.00.

This is the easiest way to invest without even putting an effort into investing.

Every time you shop the app puts money aside, as an investment. Perfect for beginners that want to start investing small amounts of money.

What makes Acorns different from the competition is that they are truly easy to use, they help you automate everything, and have a great support team on standby ready to help you navigate investing.


What are Acorn App Fees?

Acorns make the entire process transparent.

There are three affordable subscription tiers available to support your financial wellness:

  • Invest – $1/month
  • Invest + Later – $2/month
  • Invest + Later + Spend – $3/month

There is no minimum required to open an account with Acorns. But to start investing you need to invest $5 to begin.



At $1 per month, this is the cheapest subscription tier available. You’ll be able to:

  • Take advantage of Round-Ups, to put your spare change to work for you
  • Earn bonus investments
  • Grow your knowledge with access to tons of financial experts


Invest + Later

This middle tier subscription bundle runs $2/month. You get all the perks of the Invest plan plus enhanced features to help you save for retirement, earn tax advantages, and get access to regular updates to keep your goals on target.


Invest + Later + Spend

Lastly, at $3/month this bundle offers Invest + Later features plus:

  • The ability to save on ATM fees and account fees
  • A chance to earn up to a 10% bonus on investments
  • The ability to invest automatically with built-in investment and retirement accounts

**Get a $5 bonus when you join Acorns here


Is Acorns App Safe?

They pride themselves on their top-notch security.

Your data is protected by bank-level security and 256-bit encryption.


Who can join Acorns?

The acorns app is currently available to those living in the United States and are 18 years and over.

For Canadian residents, there is a similar app called Moka that works in a similar way to Acorns. Use the Moka app to round up spare change from their everyday shopping. Check out the Moka app here for more details.


Apps Like Acorns

Want to double up on your micro-investing efforts? Are there other apps like Acorns? 

Yes, there are.

Check out these other automatic savings apps.


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1. Chime

Chime has a few different ways to put automatic saving into play. First, they have a feature that lets you save when you spend. You can round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and transfer that round-up change to their automatic savings app.

You can also set up automatic saving right from your paycheck so you get a savings deposit right when you get paid!


2. Qapital

This app helps you fund your future by helping you supercharge your savings with their prebuilt portfolios ideal for beginner investors, along with other perks. Check out more on Qapital.


3. Digit

This app promotes saving without even having you think about it!

They have features built in to help you save for a vacation, emergency fund, paying off debt, and more. Digit has helped save over $1,000,000,000 for their customers. 


4. Empower Finance

Empower Finance focuses on their 24/7 financial coaching to help you meet and exceed your money goals. They offer perks like high interest checking accounts, no account minimums or fees, and more.

Curious about a more intelligent way to bank?


5. Tip Yourself

The Tip Yourself app encourages you to reward yourself by tipping yourself because you’ve earned it.

They help you transfer money from your checking account to your savings tip jar securely and conveniently.

EvoShare helps you turn daily purchases into retirement savings, converting cashback rewards into 401(k) savings. So, your daily purchases actually help you increase your retirement contributions.


6. Keep the Change Program

The Keep the Change program by Bank of America gives you an easy way to use everyday purchases and fuel your savings.

It’s a simple three-step process to get started:

  1. Enrol
  2. Shop
  3. Save

When you enrol for your Bank of America debit card, you’ll be set to start the process of saving your extra change.

Next, you shop! B of A recommends you use your debit card for recurring payments, to collect the most change. Buy stuff as you normally would, from gas stations, drug stores, drive-thrus, etc.

Then, save! Your purchases will be rounded up to the next dollar, and that extra round-up change will be transferred to your savings or your child’s savings account.

Easy! Check out more on Bank of America’s Keep the Change program.


Final Thoughts on Acorns App

After our thorough Acorns app review and in comparing to other apps like Acorns, we’ve determined that Acorns is a good savings solution for people who really do want to save for their future.

This automated Robo advisor does all the heavy lifting for you, helping you build your nest egg easily and at an affordable price tag.

If you’re looking for a hands-off approach to investing and growing your wealth, check out Acorns App.

Saving money to budget with the acorns app. One of the best ways to invest money for beginners is with this app. Living on a budget and still saving money