*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure here

*This post contains affiliate links. Please read full disclosure here.

Whether you are a just going through your pregnancy or a new mom this is a must read. 12 tricks to buying must have baby stuff on a budget. Tips and tricks that will save you money.Having a baby can be expensive, especially in the first year.

You have additional care that the baby needs and it can’t be avoided.

As a mom with two kids under three, and have just gone past the diapering phase, I had a few tricks that helped me raise my baby on a budget.

I did a lot of swapping instead of cutting down when it came to shopping.

As moms with little kids, we always want to overdo our shopping, worrying about the “emergency situations”.

But sometimes the things we buy might not really be that necessary. So let’s take a look at the unnecessary things we might be buying and look at ways to reduce that expense.

You’ll be surprised how much you save by eliminating even a few things from this list.

Ready to begin?

1. Baby Moisturiser

Ever realized how expensive baby moisturizers can be. It’s even more than adult moisturizers.

But the truth is, a container of coconut oil can do the same trick.

This, in fact, is an excellent natural moisturizer too. If you can buy in bulk, the raw form of coconut oil is so much healthy and a lot cheaper than fancy bottled moisturizers.

2. Paper towels

This was my favorite essential as a mom.

It was so handy to clean up any daily mess. If you are a mom to kids under 3 you know kitchen rolls can be super helpful.

But I felt like I was buying so many packs each week that it was eating up my wallet.

That’s when I swapped it for a micro-absorbent cloth. It’s easy to wipe with them and even easier to rinse clean. And I didn’t need to throw them away after using it:)

3. Baby puree

You might hate me for this, but try and avoid buying the packed ones from the store.

Yes, I know they are so convenient, but babies need to eat at least once in three hours.

Can you imagine how many packs a week you might have to buy?

I would instead recommend investing in a baby container where you can puree home cooked food and have ready to go.

4. Pre-cut vegetables

I am one for cutting my own fruit and veg at home, but when I see supermarkets labelling pre-cut veg/fruit for twice as much as the actual cost of the food – I think its an unnecessary expense.

It’s best to try and avoid this if you can.


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5. Pre-Packed meals from the supermarket

Again, its great to have a handy meal for those tiresome mommy nights, but try not to make this a regular shopping habit.

If you are going to buy a single pre-packed pasta salad for a couple of dollars, you know you are better off having a fresh bowl of yogurt topped with fruit instead.

6. Baby cereal

Try not to go overboard! 

Buy just what you need for the week and never overstock these.

They can expire easily and is something to keep in mind.

Besides if you have little children that are weaning, giving them fresh fruit with some low sugar cereal the whole family eats, so you don’t need to buy baby cereal and cereal for the family separately.

7. Diapers

This is quite a debatable topic as not every mom is comfortable using cloth diapers.

But yes they can drastically cut your expenses and is also comfortable for your baby. If you can’t fully do cloth, you can try and alternate between the two.

8. Pack food when out and about

Make sure you have a lunch box for yourself and your little one, especially if you are off to the mall.

This way even if you decide to stay for longer, you won’t need to spend on buying your lunch or snack.

9. Buy in bulk

Things like baby wipes, diapers or formula milk can be bought in bulk.

You know you will need a lot of this and if they are on a sale you can even triple up the stock. Formula milk also does have a long shelf life so no need to worry.

10. Clothes

Buy off-season clothes, even if they are the next size up.

Buying winter clothes in summer always work out cheaper.

But remember to buy it a couple of sizes bigger, because kids grow really quick and it might not fit well by the summer.

11. Don’t buy online

You can get tempted to overspend, and never fall for loyalty cards. Remember YOU have to pay for your loyalty.

You might have got a free coffee or a free drink, but the truth is you spent for 5 other coffees just to get here.

I never shop online especially for clothes, one because I get carried away easily and also because I buy more hoping the avoid delivery cost.

12. Only use cash to shop

And if you go over budget, don’t buy it till your next shopping trip.

Might sound a little harsh, but as you keep doing this, you tend to get the hang of planning your expenses.

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