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The big question I get asked by new bloggers is information on finding easy high paying affiliate programs to get accepted in. I began this blog in March 2018 and in 2 months I have seen a steady growth in my affiliate income averaging $20-$40/day, which I am quite happy about, taking into account how new my blog still is.

Today, I am going to show you two programs I joined, within 2 weeks of starting this blog. So its fairly easy to get accepted to these programs, and you have a huge money-making potential. The best part is, these are affiliate programs for bloggers of any niche!

We are not going to talk about the Amazon affiliate program if that’s what you are thinking 🙂 I haven’t signed up with them yet, as I wasn’t sure if the Amazon program would suit my blog, mostly because of my niche. And also the chance of readers making a purchase within 24 hours of clicking my links seem close to impossible. Maybe there is an easier way to make a profit from the Amazon program, which I haven’t explored yet (and if I do, I will definitely share a post on it here).

But for now, lets head to the 2 programs that made me nearly $160 affiliate money within a couple months of joining.

The first one is the Ultimate bundles

The Ultimate bundles is a program developed to help bloggers like you and me, sell digital products at a steep discount of 90-95%.

What is in each bundle?

It’s a collection of digital products like courses, ebook, audios, printables and more sold for a discount once a year! So chances of people buying these products are high as they wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity. And these are a compilation of products created from big names in the industry.

What are the categories of products sold?

  • Business – Blogging, productivity, entrepreneurs.
  • Family – Organization, homemaking, parenting, marriage.
  • Health – Herbs & essential oils, healthy living, gut health, fitness.
  • Lifestyle – Crafts, travel, photography and more.

There is a new bundle that is open to promote every month. Each of these bundles is worth over $1000, but your readers get a massive discount of 90-95% and you as an affiliate make a 40% commission! So when I sold the “Genius blogger toolkit” bundle which was worth $97 each, I received a commission of $38 each time!

I was late in the game with the Genius blogger toolkit, unfortunately. I didn’t think I would make a sale and neglected to promote it. I later decided to give it a try and started promoting it only 5 days before the bundle was to end 🙁

Yet I made $77.80 in the 5 days I promoted it! Here are my earnings below. I only wish I had the confidence and promoted these weeks in advance. But that’s a lesson learned. 

If you are interested in joining as an affiliate for the Ultimate bundles you can sign up right here. Its free to join and they accept new bloggers. You have nothing to lose and will never know until you try (like me 🙂

Don’t worry if the bundles have products that are not in your niche. You can still promote them as direct affiliate links using Pinterest. You don’t need to be in the relevant niche to promote products on Pinterest. Here’s a step by step guide on how you can do this.


The next program is Shareasale

Shareasale is a huge affiliate platform holding thousands of brands and products. Once accepted into the Shareasale program you can request to join each of the individual companies they host.

Just to make it clear Shareasale is a – platform and,

you have within it – individual affiliate programs

I signed up for Shareasale which is free to join. Once I was accepted by Shareasale, could then request to join affiliate programs like Tailwind, Picmonkey, Grammarly. Requesting to join these affiliate programs is pretty easy, just a click of a button and you will hear from them as soon as you are accepted.

I made $81.48 from Shareasale in 2 months of signing up. Not too bad at all.

This is my Shareasale dashboard. If you look on the right you see a list of categories you can choose from. These are just some, there are thousands for you to choose from and the potential of you making an income is high!

You can sign up to Shareasale right here and get started.

Once you have been accepted, take a look at the categories and choose from ANY of the products you’d like to join.

If affiliate marketing is still confusing you, leave your qusetions in the comments or email me using the contact form and Ill be happy to answer.

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