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Best Budget Apps

Finance Management can be a little tricky if it is your first time at it.

It tends to make people panic because it has a reputation as a challenging and tedious task to accomplish.

But thanks to personal finance apps you have something to rely on to help you stay organised.

This helps you proactively approach the responsibility of managing your own money can not only keep you away from debt, but it can also help you bring funds to your savings.


*This post contains affiliate links. Disclosure here.


While there are many finance apps available, today we are going to look at the best finance apps by popular demand.

Take a look at some of our popular personal finance apps like the Honey App Extension, Ibotta and Swagbucks that can save you tons of money for things you already do.

The Honey App, for example, helps you save money on shopping as it adds automatic coupon codes at online checkouts. While Swagbucks pays you to search the internet and earn cashback rewards. Once you join Swagbucks, you can use the Swagbucks extension instead of Yahoo or Google for your internet usage. This earns you points redeemable for Gift cards.

Finally, since these personal finance apps can be downloaded to your android or iOS device you can use them anytime you want, even when you are on the go.


Best Personal Finance Apps

1. Mint

Mint is owned by Intuit and is considered as one of the best budgeting apps. It offers a wide array of features to help you track and manage your funds from a huge list of different banks, brokerages, lenders, credit card issuers, and numerous financial institutions.

This personal finance app categorizes your transactions from linked credit and debit cards and lets you track them against your budget — it also allows you to have a good look of your cash flow to help you determine where your money goes on a monthly basis.


2. Trim App

Automate how you save money with the Trim app. This app is designed to find and cancel unwanted subscriptions from your monthly bills.

Once you connect Trim to your account, it will analyze your transactions to find all your recurring subscriptions. It also helps in cancelling unnecessary memberships and can also find you better deals on cable and car insurance.


3. TrueBill
Truebill is one of the best personal finance apps to optimize your spending, manage subscriptions and lower your bills.

This app uses bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption and read-only access, so when you connect it to your bank account you get a complete picture of your finances.

Similar to the Trim app, Truebill cancels unwanted subscriptions and lets you know in advance of coming bills.


4. Acorns

Acorns is a personal finance app built on a single premise that lets you invest your spare change and helps you improve your financial situation by doing so.

This makes for a really excellent budgeting app because it takes any extra cash you have laying around and invest it in your portfolio that is created and managed by investment professionals and experts.


5. Paribus

Do you do a lot of online shopping and travel bookings?

Use the Paribus app to get you refunds on products when there is a price drop. You can use this free app and get money back on the products you have already bought. Paribus is Capital One owned and provides their users’ bank-level security when handling your refund transactions.

*Note Paribus may compensate us when you sign up using the link below.

Once you join Paribus, it will scan your email for any shopping receipt and refund you. You are also eligible for compensation on Amazon late deliveries and holiday bookings.


6. Bloom

Bloom is a Robo adviser for your 401k. This is by far one of the best online tools for retirement planning.

Once you securely link your 401k with Bloom, their Robo and financial advisors work on picking the right funds for your retirement to keep you on track.

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7. PocketGuard

PocketGuard helps you refrain yourself from overspending — as the app name implies. It links all your financial accounts which let you track your spending vs. your budget throughout the month.

The app is easy to set up, letting you track how much you earn, determining how much money you put towards your recurring bills, how much you spend daily, and how much you put into your savings.


8. Wally

Wally is one of the most efficient personal finance apps to help you budget, but keep in mind that this isn’t the easiest app to navigate around compared to the others on this list. It helps you track your income and expenses while giving you a snapshot of your remaining budget to keep you from overspending.

This personal finance app is more popular with Millennials and supports almost all foreign currencies.


9. You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget is referred to as YNAB by its fans. The app takes a unique approach by letting you build your budget based on your income and giving every amount in your funds a job. These jobs include your living expenses, savings, investments, and debt payments you need to settle.


10. GoodBudget

GoodBudget is previously known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid and is perfect for couples who want to work on their budgeting together. This app is made to help couples create their solid budget management and planning option which helps them work well together on their household budget and debt.

It can merge two financial accounts and singles can also use the app too.


11. Clarity Money

Recently bought by Goldman Sachs, this personal financial app is a sophisticated way to track how you spend and your debts. Clarity Money’s dashboard shows your financial status and its account screen lists your financial accounts linked to it.

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It also features that lists and monitors all of your spending. It has a unique feature that saves vacations, holidays, events, or even a new car purchase.


12. CountAbout

CountAbout has collaborated with thousands of financial organizations giving you more options to sync your bank account to it.

This would allow you to track your spending and transactions to give you a head start on building your own personal finance budget that works well for you and what you earn. However, this app would cost you $10 per year and its advanced version is for $40 per year which is pretty affordable.


13. Albert

Albert is a genius personal finance app that can analyze your income, budget, spending, and overall financial status using a proprietary algorithm to determine how much money you can save every month.

It also has a feature to automatically transfer your savings into the “Albert Savings.” A premium service called Albert Genius is a paid version that allows users to ask their questions to the app’s human financial expert at any given time.


14. FindJoy

Joy, on the other hand, is a financial coaching and savings app that focuses on the user’s happiness relating to their purchases. Once the user has created his or her profile, they would be asked to link their spending account in a form of credit card or checking account and would be prompted to report their recent spending.

The app would ask the user to rate their spending as either happy or sad and it provides guidance on how money relates to satisfaction.


15. Qapital App

Qapital App has the ability to round up the price of an item you buy and puts the change you have in your savings account. Then, you can a lot your savings to something else like your vacation fund and even before you noticed, you’re saving money easily.

This app allows you to save through your small actions daily. It also has a unique feature of asking if you want to learn a new hobby like photography or cooking and would estimate how much money you need for a class.


16. Digit

The Digit app is focused more on users that are non-serious investors and would like to save money without making too much of an effort. The app evaluates your spending habits and has the ability to transfer money from your bank account to your Digit App account.

It would then make a transfer after determining your spending habits and calculates a non-essential amount that you will barely notice — the transfer ranges from $2 to $15 with the help of an algorithm.


17. Venmo

Venmo isn’t just a financial saving app, it’s also a way for you to send and receive money from family and friends. Once you’ve created your account, it’ll ask for your debit card details and the app will link your bank account.

It also has a feature that analyzes your mobile phone’s contact list to find other Venmo users and you can invite others to try the service too. You can also pay for your bills effortlessly.


18. LearnVest

What makes LearnVest unique is its ability to help you understand your financial situation based on your data. This app teaches you financial education which also helps you monitor your finances.

Its financial planner feature helps you plan your strategies. The app also uses your previous transactions and account balances to determine your financial standing and let you know where you typically spend your funds.


19. Every Dollar

Every Dollar is an app from financial guru Dave Ramsey. It works by blending budgeting into your bank account to give you an idea of where you stand financially.

You can access different devices with bank-level security and track your transactions to your budget to help you balance out your funds.


20. Mvlopes

Mvlopes as the name suggests it lets you place your money into different envelopes within the app to categorize your spending. This app makes it easier for you to follow cash style budgeting, though keep in mind that this app is a challenge to use for credit and debit cards.


21. Simple

Simple may not be as simple as you think it is. This app is more than just a personal finance app because it is an entire bank account that can replace your checking account. It’ll be easier to manage your finances if your bank account and your budget are accessible within a single app.

You’ll have everything under control by simply tracking your income and spending habits. This app also has a feature which motivates you to save more and its Safe-to-Spend feature lets you know if you are on the right track in your budgeting.


Final thoughts on Personal Finance Apps

These 21 personal finance apps will make your budgeting easier and bearable — all user-friendly and secured. Security is always a priority when it comes to financial applications so you won’t have to worry about a breach in cyber-security.

However, financial situations may vary for each individual, so it is only right to learn more about these personal finance apps to suit your needs better. It is true that the world has become fast-changing and these apps are becoming more popular and have become a part of mainstream living.

Also, keep in mind that discipline is still key in refraining yourself from making those hasty and unnecessary spending which most of the time leave you needing more money and leads to debt.

Budgeting your finances with these free apps to save money. Frugal living tips to save hundreds each month!