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I love blogging because I enjoy writing and this has helped me make an income from home.

While blogging is more of a full-time side hustle, having more than one way to make money from home diversifies your income.

For those on a budget, the best way to make money is, either from an online job without investment or by doing a quick side hustle.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to build extra money from home is with surveys.

But having said that, not all survey sites are legit, and not all of them are going to make you a full-time income either.

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In today’s post, we are going to talk about the Survey Junkie app and answer some of your questions, like:

  1. Is Survey Junkie safe?
  2. How does Survey Junkie work?
  3. Survey Junkie Reviews and ratings
  4. How to sign up? Survey Junkie login details

Two of the highlights of this app is that you only need a $10 minimum, and they have the potential of paying up to $50 a survey.

If you are looking for an easy way to make extra money on your lunch break, over the weekend or during your kid’s nap time this is definitely an option to consider.

Below is a little survey junkie review to help you understand how it works.



How does Survey Junkie Work?

First you will need to sign up with them, which is free to join.

Next, they will send you an email confirmation. Once you verify their email you will begin receiving surveys in your inbox. Alternatively, you can choose to use your Survey Junkie login details to access their dashboard to view available surveys.

On completion of each survey, you get points that you accumulate to redeem for cash through PayPal or e-gift cards.

Surveys> points> cash/gift cards

So if you do not want to redeem your points for cash, you can use your points to get Amazon or Target gift cards. They have partnered with over

Here are 7 other ways you can own free Amazon gift cards.


Why do you get paid?

You get paid for sharing your opinions, which will help brands and companies understand what products are popular with the public, which helps them develop suitable products. This means you are assisting them with their research.


Who can participate?

You can participate if you live in the US, Canada, and Australia.

And you must be 13 years and over to participate. If you have teenagers at home, this can help the kids make some extra cash online.


How to join? – Survey Junkie Login

The Survey Junkie app is free to join and you can sign up right here.

You can choose to use your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone to begin and complete surveys.

2 ways to access your surveys:

  1. Check your emails for survey invitations. If you find one suitable you can begin taking them.
  2. The next method is by heading to straight to your dashboard, which throught the Survey Junkie login page. In your dashboard you can see the list of surveys that are currently available. The expired surveys or the ones you’ve already completed will be removed from the list, and new ones are added.


Is Survey Junkie legit?

Survey Junkie has been given an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, with customers giving a majority of a 5-star rating.

They have also been rated 8.6 out of 10 on Trustpilot with 10,240 reviews from survey takers.

They also have over 5 million people that have joined survey junkie to make money from home.


How do you get paid?

You get paid points that are redeemable for cash through PayPal, bank transfers or e-gift cards from big brands like Amazon and Target.

While anyone can cash out using PayPal, the e-gift cards and bank transfers are currently available only to those in the US.

You need a minimum of $10 to cash out which is equal to 1000 points. You can choose to cash out immediately or wait to build up more points to cash out a larger sum of money.


How much can you earn on Survey Junkie?

This is one among the highest paying survey sites where you can earn an average $3-$50 per survey which usually only take about 1-15 minutes of your time.

The shorter surveys are under 3 minutes.

Below is a screenshot of money earned with Survey Junkie in a little over a week – doing the short surveys. Remember longer surveys can help you earn even more.

survey junkie app

This one survey site can help you make an extra $200 – $400 a month, based on the amount of time you spend on them. This might look like a small amount of money, but this also means you can end with an extra $2,400 – $4,800 in cash each year.

survey junkie review

Ready to give this a try?

Join Survey Junkie

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 Survey Junkie app to help you make extra money from home.

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  1. Earn up to $50 each time you share your opinion about products and brands - available to those in the US, Canada and Australia. Join Survey Junkie here, it's free!
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