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Website Flipping

I’m sure you might have heard about furniture flipping, but website flipping?

This is a lesser-known side hustle, where you work from home buying and selling websites for profit.

It can be done in two ways.

Either build your own website and sell it in a couple of months or buy websites online and sell it. This is not as complicated as it seems, and to help you understand better, I have with me a mom who is an expert in the field.

Jennifer Leach is a mom from Texas who earns a six-figure income flipping websites.

She is here to explain website flipping, and how anyone can get started with this online job with little investment.

*This post contains affiliate links. The disclosure here.


1.  Please Tell Us How You Started Flipping Websites?

I’m Jenn and I’m in my mid-thirties, married with one child. I have lived around the world and settled in Texas.

I had an interest in business so I pursued a business degree and years later I have my MBA from a university here in Texas.

After graduating college I went into banking, where I worked for about a decade before quitting to pursue entrepreneurship.

I knew banking wasn’t for me but I had no idea what I wanted to do. From copywriting for content mills and selling used electronics, I finally broke into e-commerce. I started a small shop on a free marketplace and made my first sale within a week.

Exactly a year later, I was earning enough money to quit my day job. And a few years later I ended up selling that website for a profit and that’s where website flipping began.


2. What is Website Flipping?

Website flipping is when you buy and sell websites for. Flipping means you invest to buy low and sell high, keeping the difference as your profit.

Here are some examples of other industries:

Real estate flipping

Purchase a foreclosed home for $100,000

Invest $10,000

Sell the home 3 months later for $200,000

Profit is $90,000 (Sales price $200,000 minus total investment $110,000)


Retail flipping

Purchase a light fixture from Home Depot on sale for $50

Sell for $150 on eBay

Profit $100 (Sales price $150 minus total investment $50)

And lastly, there’s website flipping.


Website Flipping

With website flipping, you buy a website at a low price OR you build a website at a low cost, then invest your time and effort into the site making it valuable, then flip for a profit.

For example, you build a website for $50. The build cost includes domain and hosting that you purchase for a year.

Then, you invest your time and effort, adding content and more to the site and making it valuable. Finally, 2 months later, you flip for $500.

Investment $50

Sell for $500

Profit $450 (Sales price $500 minus investment $50)


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3. How Do You Start Flipping A Website?

It’s a lot easier than you think.

You don’t need formal education, expert skills, background or knowledge in order to break into flipping.

You should know basic computer skills and that’s it.


  • Computer access (or access to a device that has internet, like a smartphone or tablet)
  • Time
  • Budget $50 to $100 (website startup costs)

There are two approaches to flipping:

  • Build a site
  • Buy a website

You can do both, or one or the other.

I enjoy option 1, building a site because I really enjoy the process. I am a creative at heart so it’s fun for me to build something from nothing, add content and produce a gorgeous, professional-looking website.

If you want to buy a site, that’s an option too.


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Blogs for Sale

You would have more of an investment upfront so there’s more startup cost but this route lets you cut right into adding value to the site. Find blogs for sale and sell it for a higher price bracket.

Buy a website -> Sell for profit.

Overall, if you have a great attitude, time to dedicate to the project, basic computer skills and a small budget, you can be a website flipper.


4. What’s Your Favorite Thing About Website Flipping?

It’s a full business that allows you to work from home, be your own boss, set your schedule and is very lucrative.

Plus, you have full control over this business.

It’s unlike some other businesses where you report to a client or in a strong customer-facing environment.

You will pull all the strings and make the decisions to decide what sites to take on and build, what direction you want to take the project, and more.


5. How Much Can You Make Flipping Websites?

In my course, The Art of the Microflip, I help students get to $2,500/month website flipping.

You can make less or more, depending on the number of sites you decide to flip, the time you have available and other factors.

I’ve earned over six figures website flipping from nearly two dozen websites.

Whether you are looking for some side income or looking to build a full-time business, website flipping is a good fit for both.


6. What Should I do If I am Ready to Start Website Flipping?

I recommend starting with training that can teach you the ins and outs of where to start. 

You can certainly go at it alone and feel your way through things to understand the industry but if you’re taught by an expert, you get so much more out of the process and a headstart to fast track your success.


7. Website Flipping Guide – The Art of the Microflip

The Art of the Microflip teaches students how to flip starter sites. A starter site is a new website, generally under 6 months old.

The advantage of starter sites is there is far less work involved than more developed, advanced websites.

I’ll show you how to build, grow, and flip a website for profit.

You’ll learn all the steps to build a thriving, successful website flipping business, including how to scale it to six figures or more.

Think about it.

Start one website, and profit $450 in 30-60 days

Start three websites and profit $1,350

And, this is assuming a $450 sales price.


8. Is Website Flipping Beginner-Friendly?

Totally. That’s one of the things I love about flipping websites.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or know coding or serious computer skills. If you have basic computer knowledge, you can do flip websites.

Here’s how the process works:

1. First, pick a niche.

Your niche is your blog topic. This can be anything from vegan living to parenting to wealth building and more. There are a ton of profitable niches to pick from and I reveal them all, in the course!

2. Next, you pick your site name and get hosting and domain.

I share tips for picking a name and getting hosting and domain is a breeze. You can have the whole process done in under a half-hour.

3. Lastly, connect WordPress, add content and launch.

WordPress is the platform your site operates on. It’s free and I show you how to connect it easily.  Again, tech skills not required. It is so simple.

You’ll add content to the site like blog posts, website pages like About Us, and other content, and then launch to the public!

Once your site is launched, maintenance takes a minimum of an hour a week. You’ll be doing things in maintenance like adding fresh content to your site, promoting your website online, posting on social media, etc.

I’ll reveal my secret strategy for promotion and monetization that has helped me earn thousands in a short time flipping websites.

Once you have the process down, you can scale, flipping more sites at a time and really skyrocketing your income.

You have full control over the process so you can flip one site at a time or 10 sites a time, your choice.


9. Can this be done on the side, if I have a 9 to 5?

Yes, for sure. This gig is flexible and it works around your schedule. You can work on your website flipping project in the evening after work, on weekends, holidays, days off, etc.

I recommend putting at least an hour a week towards the project, and you can definitely put more time on it if you so choose.


10. How Do You Make Money with Website Flipping?

There are three opportunities to earn with website flipping:

  • During the flip
  • The website sale
  • After the sale with potential opportunities

During the website flip, while you are working on the site, one of the things you’ll do is monetize it to make it income-producing.

I’ll show you tactics to make money fast as soon as your site is launched.

So during the maintenance phase, you’ll be earning money off the site and this is the first way you can earn with website flipping.

The second way: the sale of your website (the flip)

You’ll flip the site and earn money from the sale.

Lastly, you can make money from opportunities attached to your sale. Let me explain. When your site is for sale, it’ll be in the public eye. You will gain the attention of others and business opportunities may arise. Now, this is not a given so you may not get opportunities with every flip but there are a lot of chances it might.

Throughout my various website flipping projects, I’ve been approached numerous times about helping to build a site, selling existing sites, general consulting and other services.

So, you can see there are a lot of opportunities to make money by flipping.


11. What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a website flipper?

This is not easy money. It does require work. Even though you don’t need an education, background or specific skills to be successful with website flipping, you still need to put your time, energy, and investment into the project and see it through to success.

This is a very rewarding gig to make money.

If you love learning a craft and putting it into practice to see the fruitful results, you will absolutely love website flipping.


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