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25 Games that Pay Real Money to PayPal 2024

There’s nothing like making money in your spare time at the comfort of your home. If you like the idea of playing games to win real money, this post is for you. 

Are you wondering if it is possible to earn real money by playing games? Yes, it is possible with these PayPal cash games that pay real money.

If you are looking to unwind with some games online, why not make it worth your while with games that pay real money to PayPal.

It’s a fun way to make money doing what you love.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best online games that pay real money when you win.

Adding cash winnings to the equation definitely sweetens the experience, so let’s take a look at what some of the best games apps that pay to PayPal.

So if you are wondering what game apps actually pay real money to PayPal – this post is for you.

What Game Apps Pay the Most Real Money?

While many gaming apps reward you with gift cards , there are still a good number of games that pay real money – by PayPal.

There are over 25 legit games that pay real money to PayPal such as Mistplay, Blackout Bingo and Dominoes Gold which let you earn PayPal money by playing games on your phone.

In addition to rewarding users for playing games, many of these games that pay real money also offer additional money-making opportunities.

For example, Swagbucks (#1 on this list) also pays users to take surveys, watch videos, and search the web!

So, if you are looking to earn money by playing games, these PayPal game apps are a great place to start.

While many of these game apps pay instantly, not all do. Hence we have also included the minimum threshold required for payout in the list below. So the more games you play, the faster you can increase your points.

Lets begin and take a look at these money making games to see how you can start getting paid for playing games.


25 Game apps that pay instantly to PayPal

Are you ready to play games for real money? Below you will find a list of free game apps along with how to join, play and win money. Let’s begin this list of online games that give you money!

1. Swagbucks

Play games with Swagbucks and earn points

App Store Ratings: 4.2 star with 15.5k ratings

How to Join: Its free to sign up and you get a $5 sign up bonus here

Minimum Payout:

You can cash out with as little as $3 in your Swagbucks account. This makes it one of the best instant cash out games on this list and is one of the best ways to make extra cash daily.

Age Limit:

It is free to join Swagbucks and they allow teens 13 years and over to participate.

How does Swagbucks Work?

Swagbucks is a popular rewards site that pays you to do a ton of different things like;

  • Watching videos
  • Browsing the internet
  • Completing daily polls and surveys
  • Coupons and cashback

And the best part is, you can earn money by playing games on Swagbucks!

Just a quick look at their website and you will see a number of games where you can win SB (Swagbucks) points. Some games are worth 500 SB’s while others can go as high as 5000 SB’s. 

100 points = $1 dollar

You can earn SB points when you make in-game purchases through their partners at GSN, or play their free games for PayPal cash.

Swagbucks are one of the best game apps that pay instantly to PayPal, as they have a low payout threshold.

♦ Download Swagbucks for free here and get a $5 bonus.


2. MistPlay


Google Play Store: 4 star with 249k ratings

How to Join: Its free to join here.

Mist play is one of the most popular games apps that payout real money.

They offer over 65,000 games and is specifically for mobile gamers. Although only currently available for Android users, MistPlay promises an iOS app release soon.

About MistPlay:

After downloading the app. users set up a profile that enables the app to recommend games based on their interests.

The longer that users play, the more units they earn. Units are redeemable for rewards like PayPal cash and Visa and Amazon gift cards.

MistPlay game titles include Word Wars, Tile Connect, Family Farm, Tasty Town, and Tycoon Games.

Minimum Payout:

  • 1,500 MistPlay Points (Approx. $5)

How Much You Can Make:

  • You can make a maximum of $50 per month by playing MistPlay.

Download Mistplay here to start getting paid to play games.


Swagbucks Make extra money by browsing the web, watching videos, playing online games and testing new products - clothing, food, cosmetics and more! Its free to join. Sign up for your chance to get a $5 Swagbucks bonus.

3. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo games that pay

App Store ratings: 4.5 star and 75.6k ratings

How to join: Blackout Bingo is free to play 

About Blackout Bingo:

This Skillz platform entry where you can get paid to play Bingo is Blackout Bingo.

This app works on Android, iPhone, and iPad people definitely win real money, with the biggest payout thus far being $14,000 in 2014!

Even if you don’t have starting cash, you can still earn playing Blackout Bingo, all you need to do is get the app and register.

After you create your avatar, you’ll be given the option to play some practice games so that you can see how it’s played.

With boosts and multi-bingos happening all the time, this new take on classic Bingo is definitely one you’ll spend a lot of time on.

So, check it out and see what you think. There’s nothing quite like your first multi-Bingo, as you are about to see!

Blackout Bingo is one of the best android games that pay real money.

Please note: Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IL, IN, LA, ME and SD.

♦ Get paid by playing games with Blackout Bingo.


Cash app games that pay real money


4. Pool Payday

Pool payday

App Store Ratings: 4.6 star and 72.5k ratings

How to Join: Sign up for Pool Payday here.

Payment method: PayPal and Apple Pay.

About Pool Payday:

Next on our list is Pool Payday which is another game app that pay instantly to PayPal.

Pool Payday tout themselves as the #1 pool game out there for earning yourself some cash!

Once you’ve registered, then there are two ways to play – turned-based or in real time – and if you fancy yourself a pool shark then you are in for a treat.

So, can you really get paid?

Yes indeed.

At any time that you want to collect your winnings, it is done using Skillz via Paypal and all it takes s a click.

Just be warned, online pool is highly addictive and you might just find yourself spending a lot of time here. They also are available in app form, so check it out and see Pool Payday for yourself.

Check out Pool Payday here and get paid to play games in your spare time.

Please note: Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IL, IN, LA, ME and SD.


5. 21Blitz

21 Blitz play games to win cash

App store ratings: 4.6 star and 26.7k ratings

How to join: Sign up here to play 21 Blitz

Payment method: PayPal

About 21 Blitz:

What do you get when you mix Blackjack and Solitaire? Only your next big addiction!

21Blitz is an app that lets you play this unique take on Blackjack and you can play practice matches until you feel ready, moving on next to head-to-head matches with your friends and even tournaments!

Did we mention that you could win up to $7000 in one of these tournaments?

If cards are your thing and you’ve got a soft spot for Blackjack then be sure to give 21Blitz a try. The mix of Solitaire with your favourite Blackjack strategies is something that you really have to experience to fully appreciate.

Just make sure that you’ve got a PayPal account so that you can cash out your winnings.

Please note: Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IL, IN, LA, ME and SD.


6. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube

App store ratings: 4.6 star and 86.8k ratings

How to Join: Sign up here to play Solitaire Cube

Payment method: PayPal and others


Available only for iOS players, Solitaire Cube is like the regular Solitaire that you are used to, but with a twist… game times have been sped up and you can play against other players!

Powered by Skillz, if your Solitaire game is good enough then you’ve got an option to cash out anytime that you like, but we imagine that you’ll be spending a lot of time here.

Practice play is available for novices or go straight to the Pro League. Best of all, the app learns your prowess at the game and can match you with players at the same skill level across the world.

Solitaire Cube makes Solitaire exciting again, with the competition and speedy 5-minute games, so if you’ve got iOS then download the app now and see what modern day solitaire looks like.  


7. Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold

App Store Ratings: 4.7 star and 21.5k rating

How to join: Free to join Dominoes Gold here.

About Dominoes Gold: Feel like playing dominoes?

Well, there’s a game app that pays real money to PayPal for playing dominoes!

Dominoes Gold gives you the experience of playing the classic and you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

There are various play modes, such as competitive play against the computer alone or with a friend and tournament play is also on the menu.

Whether you feel like playing classic dominoes or favorites like ‘Fives’,  Dominoes Gold has got you covered and you can take your winnings in prizes or in cash through Skillz. 

Beat your opponents with the highest score in Fives and win real prizes!

Take a look at Dominoes Gold here.

Please note: Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IL, IN, LA, ME and SD.


8. KashKick

Kashkick get paid to play games

Kashkick is one of the best game apps that pay instantly to PayPal. 

Apart from playing games for cash, Kashkick also allows you to earn by:

  • Watching videos
  • Surfing the web
  • Answering surveys

They have a low minimum threshold of $10 required to withdraw cash into your PayPal account. Check out KashKick to play games for PayPal money.

9. Cashyy App for free PayPal Money

This is a free and legit game apps that adds money into your PayPal account.

Once you download that Cashyy app, you can play games and complete missions to earn coins.

These coins can then be exchanged for gift cards such as Amazon, Google Play, Ninetendo cards, free Xbox gift cards or you can simply get your cash directly on your PayPal account.


10. Yatzy Cash

Yatzy Cash is a dice game to win real money. The aim of the game is to roll the dice and get the highest points at the end of the game.

These games can be played as tournaments and head-to-head competitions to win cash via PayPal.

Download Yatzy Cash on your android or iOS device to start earning.

Note: Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

11. Bingo Win Cash

Available to download on both iOS and android devices, Bingo Win Cash is another game app to win real money.

Play classic bingo and slots games to win money that is paid to you by PayPal and Apple Pay.

There are a number of ways to play and win with Bingo Win Cash as it has multi-player games and free-entry events for you to participate.

Note: Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.


Other Games that Pay Real Money by PayPal

12. Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter Skillz Games

This is a fun bubble shooter game on the Skillz platform that pays real money.

Match bubbles of the same color to pop them. According to their website you can complete with players around the world to win cash prizes.

Check out this real money earning Bubble Shooter game here.


13. MyPoints

MyPoints which is also part of the Swagbucks group of rewards sites, pays you for completing little tasks.

So if you are looking to increase your chances of making playing games, you must give this a try. Again like Swagbucks, you can also earn for watching videos, completing surveys, shopping and playing games.

To top it all, they are one of the highest paying cashback sites that offer up to 40% back when you shop at Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and 2,000 other retailers.

Get a $10 welcome bonus here when you sign up with MyPoints.


14. Toluna

Toluna is an iOS and Android app that offers games that payout to PayPal. This game app also features a spinning wheel and daily lotteries for a chance of instant rewards!

About Toluna:

After downloading the app. users register an account and begin answering survey questions. The more feedback users provide, the more points they earn. Points are redeemable for gift cards and PayPal payments.

Minimum Payout:

  • 30,000 Points (Approx. $10)

How Much You Can Make:

  • Surveys pay between 15–50,000 points each with an average of 1,500 points.


15. AppNanaAppNana make money playing games

AppNana offers points for watching videos and playing games that pay out to PayPal. The AppNana app is available for iOS and Android.

About AppNana:

After downloading the app. users sign up for an account, download game apps, and start playing.

The longer users play and the more videos they watch, the more points (or Nanas) they earn. Points are redeemable for paid apps, in-app purchases, gift cards, and PayPal payments.

AppNana game titles include Jewelish, Multisquare, Traffic, Fruita Crush, Hextris, and Taptastic Monsters.

Minimum Payout:

  • 30,000 Nanas (Approx. $1)

How Much You Can Make:

  • Each game offers between 2,000 and 15,000 nanas, but users note that the more games they play, the fewer nanas they earn!


16. Fetch Rewardsfetch rewards - earn gift cards for your shopping receipt

While this isn’t a game that pays instantly into PayPal, it gives you real gift cards!

Turn your everyday shopping receipts or restaurant receipts into gift cards.

If you live in the US and have any restaurant or shopping receipts that are no older than 7 days, simply snap a photo of it using the Fetch Rewards app and start earning.

No pre-selecting offers, no scanning barcodes, no surveys, no ads – you scan your receipts and you’ll earn points!



Fun High Paying Careers


17.  Quick Rewards

play games with quick rewardsQuick Rewards pays users for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, completing offers, and shopping online.

While Quick Rewards does not have an app., they have a mobile-optimized site and a desktop site.

About Quick Rewards:

Once users set up a profile on the Quick Rewards site, they can begin searching for their available opportunities through the dashboard. Each task pays in dollars – for example, surveys pay between 50c to $1.

Users can also earn tokens (redeemable for rewards) and QuickPoints (redeemable for cash.)

Quick Rewards game titles include the Trivia game and the Guess My Number game.

Minimum Payout:

  • 1c.

How Much You Can Make:

  • Earnings depend on the activities done daily.

*Note There is a limit of three daily surveys per user.


18. Feature Points

win contests with Feature PointsFeature Points offers redeemable points to users for downloading and playing games, taking surveys, and taking part in instant win contests.

The Feature Points app is available for iOS and Android, but some features are limited to Android users only.

About Feature Points:

Once users sign up for an account with Feature Points, they choose from downloadable apps, surveys, and instant win content opportunities.

Each completed task earns points that are redeemable for gift cards, PayPal payments, and cryptocurrency.

Feature Points games include Scratch to Win game cards.

Minimum Payout:

  • 3,000 Points (Approx. $5)

How Much You Can Make:

  • You can make as much as $200 a month from referring friends or $20 – $30 from completing in-app opportunities.


19. Givling

givling game apps that pay.

Givling is a unique trivia crowdfunding game designed to crowdfund mortgage debt and student loans. The Givling app is available for iOS and Android.

About Givling:

After downloading the app. users set up a profile. Players may then purchase “Crowdfunding coins” to play trivia (which costs $0.50c + $0.30c processing fee per game) or directly crowdfunding a loan on the Givling platform.

Each player independently takes a trivia quiz and is teamed with two anonymous players who also take the quiz.

The team points are combined, and the team with the highest score weekly wins the weekly trivia award.

Top teams all receive “Givling Queue Points.” Eventually, Queue points are totaled, and the player with the most points goes into “the funding box,” and 90% of crowdfunding goes toward that players loan.

Givling also offers each player five free games daily that put them in the running to receive crowdfunding.

Minimum Payout:

  • Varies.

How Much You Can Make:



20. Wealth Words

Wealth Words specialize in daily puzzle games designed to “sharpen your brain.” The Wealth Words app is available for both iOS and Android.

About Wealth Words:

After downloading the app. users set up an account with Wealth Words. Users then choose from a selection of word-based timed puzzles.

The app offers pay-to-play games (requiring $0.25c tokens) and free puzzles. The player that completes a pay-to-play puzzle in the fastest time wins the cash prize for that puzzle.

Wealth Words games include crossword games, story games, and poem games.

Minimum Payout:

  • $20.

*Prizes of $20 or more require players to upload two valid proof of identity documents.

How Much You Can Make:

  • Varies.


21. Cash Pirate Buzz

Cash Pirate Buzz offers users “coin” rewards in return for downloading and using or playing apps on their platform, taking surveys, and watching videos. The Cash Pirate app is available for iOS and Android.

About Cash Pirate Buzz:

After downloading the app. users set up a profile and are redirected to the member hub.

In the member hub, users see a range of offers they can complete for Cash Pirate coins. Cash Pirate coins are redeemable for gift cards, Facebook Money, and PayPal money.

Minimum Payout:

  • 2,500 Points (Approx. $2.50)

How Much You Can Make:

  • The average user makes $5 to $10 a month.


22. Bananatic

Bananatic has scores of games and next to each game you will find a value that tells you how much you earn by gaming.

As far as variety, there’s a little bit for everyone but let’s talk about Bananas – because that’s how you get paid!

Banana points, specifically, and not the fruit of course. By playing games, watching videos, or even taking surveys, you can collect Bananas which you can turn into paysafe cards, games, gift cards, and more.

If you feel like doing a little gaming and getting paid for it, then Bananatic might be just what the doctor ordered!


23. CashOut

CashOut offers in-app coins to users for watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, and answering surveys. The CashOut app is currently only available for Android users.

About CashOut:

After downloading the app. users set up an account and see a catalog of tasks that reward in-app coins. Coins are redeemable for gift cards and PayPal cash payments.

Minimum Payout:

  • $2.50.

How Much You Can Make:

  • Tasks pay anywhere from $0.50 to $20 each.


Bonus: Other Ways to Earn Money for Games

Now that we’ve gone over some of our favorites, we thought we’d include a bonus section with extra online play-for-cash games that definitely deserve honourable mention.

If our primary 4 didn’t catch your interest, then be sure to check out these bonus games below. They’re a great way to pass the time with games that pay real money!


24. iRazoo

With iRazoo, you’ve got all kinds of options for earning, all centralized into a single site.

With iRazoo you can earn money watching videos, completing surveys, completing offers, and playing games.

Each of these activities earns you points and these points give you a lot of options, such as cashing out directly through Paypal or receiving gift cards through places like iTunes and Amazon.

You’ve got a lot of games to choose from, as well, as iRazoo has teamed up with Arkadium to offer you with a wide selection.

Check out iRazoo when you’ve got a moment and give it a try. If you like games, then you are going to love iRazoo!


25. Lucktasticearn jackpot prizes with Lucktastic

Update: From March 16th 2022, Lucktastic will no longer be available to play.

Lucktastic are the ultimate PayPal cash games.

It has a variety of offers that include casino-type games, scratch cards, code-cracking tasks, and a daily spinning wheel. The Lucktastic app is available for iOS and Android.

About Lucktastic:

After downloading the app., users set up a profile and begin playing the free games and entering contests instantly.

Games award players with tokens redeemable for gift cards or PayPal payout or used for additional contest entries.

Loyal Lucktastic players also earn “crowns” that award membership in different tiers of the VIP program. Each level of the VIP program offers unique perks like added chances to win games.

Lucktastic game titles include Lucky 7’s, Cash Lasso, Fall Fortune, and Break the Piggy Bank.

Minimum Payout:

  • $2.
  • The minimum redemption amount for store items is 30,000 tokens (equal to $5.)

How Much You Can Make:

  • Cash prize games typically award between $2 and $1,500. One scratch card even offers a $10,000 prize!


Questions you may ask:

1. What apps pay you instantly through PayPal?

Swagbucks is one of the best apps from the list of money earning games listed above. The reason is that Swagbucks offers you the option to redeem your points from as little as $5. This means you can withdraw money frequently, which makes it a convenient way to make money fast.

2. What game apps pay real money instantly?

Apart from redeeming through PayPal, Swagbucks also offers the option to payout via gift cards. And other ways to redeem cash (apart from PayPal) is through Payoneer and Mastercard. 

Here are some games that give you PayPal money:

3. How can you get PayPal cash instantly?

While you can make money playing games, there are other options to make PayPal cash instantly.

For instance, Respondent.io is a paid research platform that allows you to take part in online surveys and focus groups, and pay PayPal cash on completion. This is a good way to make $100+ per study and is well worth your time. 

4. How can you make money with PayPal for playing games?

Most apps allow you to build up points as you play games. The more games you play, the more points you earn.

Once you reach the required number of points, you can withdraw money through PayPal.

5. What games give you real money?

This above list of game apps that pay instantly to PayPal, give you the opportunity to earn a few dollars and play the games you like. A fun way to make money while you watch TV!

6. How can I get money from PayPal instantly?

Apart from these free games that pay through PayPal, there are 17 sites that can get you free PayPal money for completing short tasks on your phone. Not a bad way to get some free cash for your spare time.


Conclusion: PayPal Games that Pay Real Money

When you download these games that pay instantly to PayPal, keep in mind that they all require you to meet a minimum payout before you can cash out your winnings. So bulk up your earning before you cash out.

Whether playing as a pool shark, waxing strategy in a war-strategy game, or simply playing solitaire with a little more style, there’s something for everyone on this list of games that pay real money to paypal

Be sure to check out the gems and download any of the apps that tickle your fancy.

After that, it’s time for a little fun to give those other players a run for their money.

If you’re gonna play, why not get paid, right?

Are you ready to play games for money?

Real Money Earning Games