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Are you searching for some of the highest paid part time jobs in the online industry? Today we will breakdown the salary, job description and job sites of some of the best legit online jobs that pay well.

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Online Part time Jobs from home

Wondering what are some high paying online jobs from home?

Whether you are a stay at home mom or dad, a student looking to pay off debt or a retiree looking for extra ways to make money, these online part time jobs are well worth your time.

Today’s post is a comprehensive list of work from home jobs that pay well, and do not require you to have a college degree to apply.

Also included are details on how to get started, the salary and the job description. This will give a better understanding of what the role involves and the salary benefits.

Online Jobs at Home

Let’s begin with some online money making jobs that flexible for stay-at-home parents to make money from home.

For example, this stay at home mom of three had no previous skills or training, but earns over $1,000 a month working less than 20 hours a week from home.

Here is another mom who works from home full-time as an affiliate marketer earning over $10,000 a month.

This work from home dad is heading towards $10k a month as a virtual bookkeeper.

These are just a few examples. Your earning potential is limitless, most of which depends on the amount of time spent on your side hustle.

Although listed below are high paying online jobs, lets start this post with a few small side hustle ideas to make an extra $100 a day.

19 Online Jobs to Work from Home

Let’s take a look at 19 of the most well paid work from home jobs that require no degree or qualifications, perfect for anyone looking for a second job idea or in need of a career change.

1. Proofreading Jobs from Home

Salary – $30,000-$60,000/year

Let’s start this list with one of the best jobs that pay well online. 

Proofreading is one of the most flexible high paying online jobs that is becoming hugely popular.

If you have good word skills like catching spelling errors and typos, this is the job for you. You can work from home and help online business owners proofread their content.

There are many ways you can proofread – from ebooks, blog posts, website content, online marketing material and any online documents that need an extra pair of eyes to catch errors.

To learn how to get started with this high paying online job, check out this popular free online proofreading workshop. 

If you would like to find an online job as a proofreader, here are 31 online proofreading websites that are hiring.

Proofreading is an easy high paying job, suitable for anyone who enjoys correcting grammar errors.


2. Virtual Bookkeeping

Salary – up to $60/hour

If you are looking for one of the highest paying work from home job without a degree, try virtual bookkeeping.

As an online bookkeeper you can earn up to $60 an hour freelancing.

It is not mandatory to have a finance background to begin work as a work from home bookkeeper.

If you have an interest in managing financial transactions for small or large business owners while working from home, this career option is the best.

As a bookkeeper, you take care of paying bills, creating invoices and preparing financial statements relevant to the business.

Read our interviews with beginner bookkeepers (also stay-at-home parents) who are making $6,000 to $8,000 a month within 9 months of starting their online bookkeeping business.

This free mini-class will give you an insight into the basics of starting your own online bookkeeping business without a degree.

Its a self paced online course that you can complete between 3-4 months.

Online bookkeeping is one of the highest paid jobs online, that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and without a degree. 

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3. Flipping Books Online

Have you heard of online book arbitrage?

It is a lucrative and easy high paying online job that is the best example of passive income.

This involves re-selling books already listed on Amazon for a higher price, and you get to keep the profits.

If there is a book listed for $10 and you sell it for $15, the $5 is yours to keep. 

Now to make things easy, there is an online tool called Zen Arbitrage that scans Amazon for profitable books to sell.  It saves you going through tons of listing to find the right books to sell.

Anyone can start this side hustle and make money with Zen Arbitrage.

There’s no inventory, you can work from anywhere and you do not require any prior Amazon selling experience.

All that’s needed is a laptop and an interest to learn this system and you can be flipping books on Amazon today!

There are many making over $10,000 a month with Zen Arbitrage. Read our full review of Zen Arbitrage here. Zen Arbitrage testimonials


4. Help a Researcher

Rate of Pay – $100-$700 per hourly incentive

Swagbucks Make extra money by browsing the web, watching videos, playing online games and testing new products - clothing, food, cosmetics and more! Its free to join. Sign up for your chance to get a $5 Swagbucks bonus.

You can make money from home as helping a researcher on Respondent.

Participate in online research studies and get paid up to $700 per hourly incentive. You can be giving your opinion on food, technology or everyday products.

The feedback you give can be in the form of surveys, video call or a voice recording.

This is one of the most well-paying work from home job, and you can be a parent, professional or a student to apply.

Here is a full Respondent review post.

User Interviews

This is another legitimate paid online research site like Respondent.

The earning potential with User interviews is between $50 -$100 per study.

Topics include technology, food, consumer goods, family, software, hobbies, pets, sports, transportation, beauty and more. Join User Interviews to start earning.



5. Illustrator

Salary – $4,000/month (read how Angela does it!)

Tell me if you like the sound of this.

Draw on a piece of paper –> Upload it to your desktop –> Create a digital copy –> Make Money!

That’s just a basic overview of an illustrators job description.

If you are a creative person and love to draw, why not convert your paper drawings into digital art and make money from it?

As an illustrator, you can create customised greeting cards, wedding cards, couple’s portraits, business cards or even ebook covers.

This can be considered as one of the easiest online jobs for a creative mind. 

Beginners can use Fiverr to sell your services, open a store on Etsy or start your own website to promote your business.creative freelancer searching for highest paying online jobs.


6. Loan Signing Agent

Rate of Pay: up to $200 per appointment

Have you heard of a loan signing agent?

Well, this job pays between $75-$200 for 20 minutes of your time signing loans.

To become a notary loan signing agent you do not require any educational background, which means anyone start this career.

This works great either as a full-time job or as a second job.

There is a step-by-step online video training course and certification that will help you become a certified loan signing agent in a week.


7. Make Money on Instagram

If you enjoy posting pictures and growing a following on Instagram, you can make money from this.

The hardest part is increasing a following and having an engaged audience. If you can nail this, selling products to your followers will be fairly easy.

Based on your niche, brands may also reach out to you for a paid collaboration and give away free products.

Here is a free Instagram masterclass to help you learn how you can make money on Instagram – even if you are just starting.


8. Search Engine Optimization

Salary – $30 per hour

Search Engine Optimization, let’s look at what this means.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is increasing the number of visitors (online readers) to a website through search engines like Google and Yahoo.

For example, if you own a vegan ice cream parlour at “ABC” street in London, anytime someone searches online for a vegan ice cream parlour, your shop should be the first listed on Google.

Is this possible?

With SEO – Yes.

This is why many online companies hire SEO consultants to optimise their websites to rank on search engine.

When most of us use Google to search for something, we hardly go past the first page of the search results and that’s why it’s important for businesses to rank on the first page.

Mike Pearson has a very non-techie and friendly SEO guide called Stupid Simple SEO. And like the title of the course, everything he mentions in his videos is so easy to follow.

I have taken his course and with implementing just 20% of what he’s taught I went from 40 Google visitors a day to 500 visitors a day in just over 3 months.

He has a free mini-course here that is worth checking out if you are looking to learn SEO and get paid for helping others.

Where do you find work as a beginner?

Bloggers. There are many bloggers that are looking for help optimising their website and you can help them with your knowledge.


9. Photographer

We are not talking about a professional portrait, wedding or newborn photography, but instead – stock photography.

Stock photography is when you take a good quality image and put it up for sale, earning money for every download that’s made.

Images on food, lifestyle, business, and nature are all in-demand by online business owners for promotional purposes.

For example, I own this website and all images used in this blog are stock photos, most of which are paid for.

If you enjoy taking photos, there are many places online where you can sell your images like Foap and Adobe stock.

But if you choose to run your own business you can set up a website for under $100 a year to sell your images.

The advantage of running your own website is, you set the rates and take 100% profit as opposed to commissions you need to pay when promoting on third party websites.

With your own blog/website you may charge per image, per bundle ( 10 photos for say $20) or by a membership (like $60 for 3 months access).


10. Photo Editing

Salary – $75,000/year

If you haven’t heard of this side hustle, its where you work from home editing photos for photographers.

This is not a location dependant jobs as you can work with photographers from around the world.

Katie is a professional photo editor who edits wedding and portrait photography. She now teaches beginners how to start a photo editing business from scratch – a business that now makes her well over $75k a year.

If this is a career that interests you, check out her free mini-training to take you inside this lucrative home-based business.

Read my full interview with Katie here.


11. Affiliate Marketer

Salary – $55,000/year

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product online to earn a commission.

You can do this without a blog or a website, through social media promotion. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest you can leave affiliate links and promote products you love to your audience.

With YouTube, you do a short video – either a recipe, tutorial or a product review. Below the video in the description box leave a link to the products you used in the video and when someone buys from it, you earn a commission.

For Pinterest, you upload an image of the product or a promotional photo (make sure eligible) and link your pin image to the product page. So when they click the image they will be automatically directed to the product through your affiliate link.

Here is a post on how to use Pinterest as an Affiliate Marketer and this is how one mom makes $10,000 a month with Affiliate Marketing.


12. Freelance Writer

Salary: $3,000/month (Income reports here)

If you have the interest to write, you can build a full-time career doing this.

This is an easy side job for those looking to make money fast because as a freelance writer you earn immediately after submitting your approved article.

Here are 16 places you can submit your writing to earn up to $250 per article.

Job directories like Upwork, Indeed and Fiverr also have work available for freelancers.women near a pool searching the internet for home online jobs.


13. Side Hustles

After reading all this heavy content let’s take a little break and look at some easy side hustles that also yield a high income.

If you enjoy doing a variety of side gigs to make up to $2,000 a month here are a few quick ideas.

Cashback Apps – Using cashback app when doing an online purchase will put money back into your wallet.

Some of the best cashback apps that have paid out millions of dollars to their members are Ibotta and Rakuten.

Acorns ($5 bonus here)– For those who are afraid of investing money, this is the best starter app.

You can save as little as a $1 and build up your investment funds. The acorns app automatically takes the spare change from your shopping and automatically invests the few cents for you.

Here are just 5 legitimate survey sites that pay over $50 each in cash.


14. Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Salary: $25/hour

Virtual Assisting is quite a popular high paying online job.

Here is a full article detailing how you can become a virtual assistant and work from anywhere.

If you are looking to branch out as a virtual assistant, a real estate VA is a good career progression.

As a real estate virtual assistant, your job is to work with a real estate agent.

All of the work can be done from your home, as most of your job involves scheduling client appointments, organising paperwork and managing emails and social media.

*Download this free list of 275+ services to offer as a virtual assistant.


15. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Salary: up to $50/hour

This another job option for a virtual assistant – getting paid to work on Pinterest promotion for clients.

As a Pinterest Virtual assistant, your job involves setting up a Pinterest account, creating Pinterest images, joining group boards and pinning content.

You can work remotely and all the work is done from your home with your computer.

Pinterest is fairly easy to understand with the right resource. I learnt all the ins-and-outs of Pinterest in less than a month – starting from scratch.

Once you learn the details of how to work Pinterest, you can offer your service to clients and earn money.

Read the full article on how to become a Pinterest VA.


16. Transcription Jobs Online

Salary: $45,000/year

This is an in-demand online job that requires you to convert audio files to text.

You will be given a set of audio files, that you will need to listen accurately and type out what you hear.

Skills needed is fast typing, good grammar skills and patience as sometimes you might receive files with a lot of background noise and different accents.

Here is a mini-course that will give you a detailed description of a transcriptionist.

Transcription work can involve general, legal or medical work.


17. Scoping Jobs

Salary: $50,000/year

This little known job involves you editing courtroom transcripts.

Don’t worry you wouldn’t need to deal with any of the legal aspects of this.

The court reporter will do all of this, as a scopist you will be required to look through the documents and edit them from any errors.

If you have an eye for detail you can make well over $4,000/month working from home editing transcripts.

There is a free intro to scoping mini-course to help understand the job better.


18. Sell an eBook

Megan Johnson makes over $50,000/year with her ebook Pinterest Ninja – an incredible Pinterest book for bloggers.

And yes, just one ebook! All that money from just one ebook.

You can write an ebook on just about anything that is of interest and in-demand.

Take a look at Amazon or Google and see the kind of ebooks that are already popular and create a better version of it.

From recipe books, inspirational, faith, fiction, novel, education or even ebooks to help bloggers and content creators.

Skillshare is one of the best places to learn to create an ebook. Here is a FREE Skillshare trial link.


19. Blogging

Let’s talk about this blog One Fine Wallet, which I started in early 2018. I started making a full-time income in under a year of starting this blog.

Most of the money I receive is from ads and affiliate links in blog posts.

And don’t just take my word for it. Here are 16 other bloggers that made over $1,000 in their first year blogging.

Starting a blog costs less than $100 a year and the pay increases as your blog grows.


Easy Work from Home Jobs:

1. Earning money from online survey sites can be time-consuming, but there is one very popular and legit website that pays up to $50 a survey.

While you won’t be getting the high paying surveys on a regular basis, Survey Junkie  has over 9 million members earning a few hundred dollars each month.

2. Another way to get PayPal money or free gift cards is by using a free app called Swagbucks. Use Swagbucks for searching the internet instead of Yahoo or Google to earn points. 

Redeem these points for cash or gift cards at Amazon, Walmart, Target and thousand other retailers.

They give out 7,000 gift cards every day and you can earn a $5 bonus here.

Check out this post for more ways to make quick money from home.


Need help deciding the best online jobs from home?

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High paying online jobs from home to replace your full-time job. Make money online with these 15 work from home job ideas.

High Paying online jobs from home