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Are you a teen or parent of a teen wondering what are the places that hire at 15? We have a mega list of part time jobs that hire at 15, which can be done both online and offline.

Teen using laptop to find jobs that hire at 15

If you’re looking for job opportunities, this means you’re ready to work and start earning real money.

It’s a great feeling to work for yourself and earn your money. You start to feel more independent and begin to understand the concept of money better, which includes responsible spending, budgeting, and more.

At 15 years old, you’re in high school and this fun time in your life can come with a lot of expenses.

There’s also the cost of eating out with your friends, like if you eat off-campus for lunch at school, snack money for vending machines at your school, and recreational events like going to the movies, the mall, etc.

It all adds up.

Today’s post will cover places that hire at 15 and also a few online jobs that teens can apply. 

Best Jobs for 15 year olds

When searching for jobs for 15 year olds, there are a number of job titles to consider. This can help widen your search results giving you more work opportunities.

Here are some job titles or keywords to consider;

  • Piano tutor
  • Singing tutor
  • Online tutoring for subjects
  • Festival/concert attendant
  • Baby sitting jobs
  • Summer camp assistant

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Students can open a Boostapal account for free and invite parents and relatives (boosters) to join for free. Each time a “booster” shops through one of the 1,500 stores in the Boostapal mall, the student gets a dollar value.

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Simply put, once your parent uses the Booster mall to shop, you get free money for every qualifying purchase. This is paid out to students by bank check, PayPal or gift card.

While this is not a job for 15 year olds, it certainly adds a few extra dollars to your pocket. Boostapal is only available for students between 13 and 25 years of age.

Jobs for 14 year olds

Here are some of the best jobs for 14 year olds, both online and offline:

1. Babysitting jobs – At 14 years of age – in most states – you are eligible to find babysitting jobs in your area. You can also use this list of babysitting apps to find work on a part-time basis.

2. Fiverr – This is an excellent platform to sell a service. You can find work as a content writer, a logo/graphic designer an illustrator or a virtual assistant. If you are good at something, you may find work in your area of interest. 

3. Swagbucks – Its free to join Swagbucks if you are 13 years+, and you can make money by playing games, watching videos and even searching the web. A good side hustle for teens who want to make a few extra dollars on their phone.

4. Branded Surveys – This is a website that helps companies with market research. Your participation in completing surveys will help you earn PayPal cash or a virtual gift card. 14 year olds need parental consent to participate.

5. Pet sitting – Another fun job for 14 year olds is to find pet sitting jobs. 

6. Blog – If you enjoy writing, blogging is a great way to make money online. Bloggers make money through display ads and affiliate sales made through their site.

7. YouTube channel – Similar to blogging, YouTubers earn money from ads on their channel. If you enjoy being in front of the camera, starting a YouTube channel will be a better alternative to blogging.

8. Paper route – If you are an early riser, you can consider newspaper delivery with an adult.

9. House cleaning – This is great for teens who enjoy cleaning. You can find work in your neighbourhood or your local community to get paid for doing little chores around the house.


Is working at age 15 legal?

Girl employee staff working at a cafe - jobs that hire at 15

In the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act says that 14-year olds and older are eligible to work most non-agricultural jobs. 

But, at any age, young people can deliver newspapers, perform on TV, radio, and theatre, work in parent-owned businesses, perform minor chores and babysitting in a private home. The FLSA also says that the youth (at any age) may work as a homeworker collecting evergreens to make evergreen wreaths.

If you’d like to read more about it including the rules for youth working in agriculture, head to the Department of Labor site to learn more.

Keep in mind though, that depending on where you live, your state may have child labour laws that stipulate a minimum age for work that may be higher than the FLSA.

That means while the FLSA says the minimum working age for most non-agricultural jobs is 14, your state may put the minimum age at 16, for example.

Just make sure to check with your state what the minimum age is in your area so you ensure at 15 years old, that you can work a job where you live.

How many hours can a 14 and a 15-year-old work?

Teenage employee working at a bakery - places that hire at 15

The number of hours that 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds can work varies based on the state. The FLSA says a max of 8 hours per day and a max of 40 hours per week is allowed on non-school days but the requirements differ according to the state you live in.

Your prospective employer will know these rules but when trying to determine how many hours you personally want to work, consider your lifestyle.

This may include your school schedule, extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and organizations you belong to, your volunteer schedule and other things happening in your life.

The goal is to have work be a complement to your schedule so you’re not feeling overworked and burnt out.

What is the minimum pay in the US?

As of this writing, the U.S. minimum wage is $7.25.

Keep in mind that places hiring can pay above this, like Bill Miller BBQ in south Texas, that commonly offers $12.75/hour pay as starting wage for workers.

This is not an uncommon practice for many businesses actually so if a higher paying wage is important to you, refine your job search so you can focus your efforts on high paying places that hire at 15.

You can also look at the job benefits in your search as well. Many employers, like Chick-fil-a (that we’ll talk about more below), have some pretty incredible benefits, even for part-time workers, like:

  • Benefits like health/dental/vision insurance
  • Free product
  • Bonuses
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Discount programs

Places that hire at 14 and 15 

If you need a list of places that hire at 15, these retailers and jobs listed below are known for hiring at 14 or 15 years and older. 

1. Baskin Robbins

Let’s begin this post on best places to work at 15, with Baskin Robbins.

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This ice cream shop retailer has been known for its franchise locations to hire at age 14+ for positions.

The retail chain has thousands of locations nationwide. You’ll likely be doing tasks like servicing customers by making their ice cream orders, doing cashier work, helping with order-taking, and more.

Check with the nearest Baskin Robbins to you to check for hiring opportunities.

2. Arby’s

Arby’s is a fast-food restaurant chain known for their roast beef sandwiches. They have locations across the U.S. and in parts of Canada. Their crewmember jobs will have you taking orders, preparing food, and performing customer service duties, among other tasks.

At Arby’s that have many different jobs available so this is a good opportunity to start as crew and seek promotional opportunities in the future as you gain more experience.

3. Burger King

Burger King is an American restaurant chain who competes against chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and others.

They have been known to hire starting at age 14+ depending on the location.

4. Boston Market

Boston Market is a restaurant chain, currently hiring for over 4,000 jobs across the nation. They have been known to hire starting at age 15.

Head to the Boston Market careers page to learn more about openings in your area.

5. Chick-Fil-A

Known for their chicken, Chick-fil-a is hiring teens in a variety of staff positions. They have some unique perks that employees rave about like having Sundays off, college scholarships and more.

If this sounds interesting to you, go to the Chick-fil-a careers page for openings in your area.

6. H-E-B

H-E-B is a grocery chain located in the southern U.S. (Texas) and Mexico.

They offer a variety of career opportunities for teens in their various departments like beauty counter, seafood department, produce, etc.

Read more about the career opportunities on their jobs page.

7. Safeway

Safeway is a grocery store chain hiring in a variety of hourly positions perfect for teens.

You can read more about the jobs available on Safeway’s career page here.

What jobs hire at 15? or even 14?

Sometimes not knowing what kind of jobs to search for as a 14 or 15 year old is the difficult part. 

When you search for work in job directories for jobs hiring at 15, check out categories that use the following keywords to narrow down your search results.

  • Cashier 
  • Bagging customer shopping
  • Dog Walker
  • Pet Sitter
  • Babysitter
  • House sitter
  • In-person or online tutoring
  • Wait Staff
  • Retail customer service
  • Grocery store assistant
  • Jobs at Ice cream shops
  • Work at theme parks
  • Zoo crew member
  • Petting zoo assistant
  • Sell Handmade
  • Car Washer
  • Dishwasher
  • Landscaper
  • Lawn mower
  • Pizza shops
  • Bakery assistant
  • Swimming Instructor

How to find stores that hire at 15?

To make this easy for you, below we have a list of places that hire at 15.

This gives you a good starting point for beginning your job hunt. If you’re looking for more places that hire at 15, further down in this post are a list of online places that may hire 15 year olds.

What Grocery Stores hire at 15?

First, grocery stores are known for hiring teens. Check with your local grocers and inquire about hiring opportunities. More examples of grocery stores other than H-E-B and Safeway shared above include:

  1. Aldi
  2. Giant Eagle
  3. Giant Food
  4. Kroger
  5. Publix
  6. Trader Joe’s
  7. Whole Foods Market
  8. Vons
  9. Wegmans

Fast Food Restaurant Jobs that Hire at 15 and 16

Restaurants and fast food chains are also known to hire teen workers.

Here are some places to keep an eye out:

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Ben and Jerry’s
  4. California Pizza Kitchen
  5. Chili’s
  6. Applebees
  7. Dairy Queen
  8. Culvers
  9. Subway
  10. KFC
  11. Pizza Hut
  12. Starbucks
  13. Wendy’s

Check with the restaurant retailers in your area to see what job opportunities are open.

If your area allows teens age 15 to work, you can look at local mom and pop stores and places of business as well, like hardware stores, bakeries, salons, auto body shops, retail stores, and other businesses.

Online Places That Hire at 15

We’re living in the era of the internet and more and more teens are working online.

Some are even making a very lucrative living doing it, like this preteen who makes millions every year from YouTube.

Here are some online places that offer jobs for 15 year olds and 16 year olds.

1. Snagajob

Snagajob is a good website to find jobs for teens.

Head over to their job site and narrow down the search results with “teen” jobs as a criteria. You will be able to find part-time and full-time jobs in bakery, customer service, cashier, animal care and more, within your area.

2. App Jobs

Built in 2017, AppJobs connects you will flexible work providers like Uber, Airbnb, Doordash, Upwork, Lime and more. If you are looking for weekend jobs, this app is worth considering.

3. Branded Surveys

Answer surveys and get paid in the form of cash or gift cards with Branded Surveys.

With parents consent you can participate to join Branded Surveys if you are between 13-17 years old.

4. Short Task Sites


There are a few sites that reward you for completing daily tasks, like playing games, browsing the internet, completing daily polls and surveys. 

This can be a fun way to make money on your phone and you don’t have to leave your home.

Swagbucks, is one such reward site, that also pay you to test products and complete daily surveys worth up to $35. Anyone over the age of 13 can join Swagbucks to earn doing fun things.

5. Online Surveys

MyPoints and Survey Junkie allow teens above 16 years to participate. Once you sign up with them, you get access to their latest surveys that you can take for free.

The more surveys you complete the more you earn money.

Survey Junkie is one of the best survey platforms for those staying in the US, Canada and Australia. They pay between $3-$7 per survey with some high earning ones that go up to $50 per survey.

They reward you in the form of PayPal cash or Virtual gift cards like Amazon, Target and other popular retailers. 

6. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring jobs for teens are great because they are flexible and pay well.

The majority if job sites offer a pay rate of $15 -$20 an hour to tutor online. Some site worth checking out are, Tutor.com, StudyPool and Cambly.

Online Business for Teenagers

1. YouTube

YouTube is a free website where you can go to watch videos that creators make. You can find videos on just about anything on YouTube, including:

  • Cooking shows
  • How to learn a new language
  • Lifestyle and vlog-style videos showing the daily lives of creators
  • Social experiments
  • DIYs and tutorials
  • Crafting
  • Sports
  • Hobby-based like sewing, knitting, stamp collecting, pokemon cards, etc.

It’s a great source of entertainment and you can learn a lot for free too, just by watching their millions of videos.

A lot of people ditch their cable, in lieu of watching endless YouTube videos for entertainment. More on other ways to lower your bills this year here.

How to get started on YouTube

First, you can create a YouTube channel for free. You’ll pick your channel name, add your cover art and fill out your channel profile, then you can start creating videos.

Videos can be filmed from a video camera, your cell phone, or you can use screen recording software to record screencasts from your computer.

Then, upload your video to YouTube and publish!

The amount you make from YouTube will vary based on the niche you’re in and how your videos are monetized. You can monetize using YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships and other ways.

2. Influencer

Many teens that are on social networks like Instagram or Tik Tok are making money as an influencer. 

Social influencers get paid to influence their audience, so it’s not uncommon for brands to approach influencers offering them compensation for sharing their company or product with their fans.

For example, the brand Tostitos could offer an influencer $1,000 to eat their chips and salsa while filming one of their regular social media posts. 

The brand garners attention from the social media post and they will receive customers and increase their traffic and revenue from the exposure of that influencer.

Teens are making thousands of dollars every month from these brand deals and this is just one example of how influencers make money.

How to get started?

First, pick one or more social media networks and start creating content and posting consistently. Over time your fanbase will grow and so will your paycheck.

Some networks like Tik Tok, even pay their creators for making content so there’s a lot of opportunities to start making money online being an influencer.

3. Blogger

One of my favourite on this list is, blogging. 

If you enjoy writing, you can certainly start a blog and make money blogging. 

Here are three main ways for bloggers to make money:

  1. Advertisements in the blog
  2. Commissions earned by promoting products through links in blog posts
  3. Sponsored posts

Here is a full article on how to start your first blog and get it set up the right way!

Summary of Places that hire 15 year olds

There you go, a good number of places that hire at 15.

Hopefully, this helps you on your quest for finding a job as a teen.

If you are leaning towards work from home gigs, be sure to check this post on online jobs for teens that list out a ton of different ways teenagers can earn from home!

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