Wondering how you can make extra money on the weekends?

Interested in finding out the best weekend jobs that pay well?

While there are many options out there, in this post we’re going to share 15 of the best part-time weekend jobs for extra money.

Whether you’re looking for weekend night jobs, weekend jobs from home, or weekend jobs paying cash to grow your emergency savings account, pay off your credit cards before the end of the year, or pay down your students loans, these are the best weekend jobs to help you reach your goal.

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Check out these 15 part-time weekend jobs paying cash.

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1.  Dog Walking

Did you know that you can get paid to walk dogs? It sounds like a dream job and it totally is, for many people.

You can join Rover or Wag and start work walking dogs.

This is a great side job to do on weekends or during the week after work. It’s a win-win because you get to spend time with animals, get some good walking exercise in, and get paid to do all this!

With Rover, you can earn an average of $1,000 a month working part-time hours.


2.  Deliver Food

Do you have a vehicle?

Would you like to get paid to deliver takeout food using your vehicle?

Check out Doordash and learn about how you can get paid to be a delivery driver of takeout food in your area. Available in US, Canada and Australia, Doordash drivers can choose their own hours of work. You can drive and deliver food locally, making this one of the best part-time jobs near you.

It’s really simple.

First, signup to join Doordash as a driver. Then, go through their onboarding process and start work.

You’ll work from the comfort of your car, working from an app.

Check out these 19 other apps that pay you too!


3.  Become a Driver for Lyft or Uber

Lyft and Uber drivers work as taxi drivers using their own vehicle.

This is really cool because you get to work from your car, using an app to perform your job duties, picking up and delivering passengers to their destination.

You can make up to $25/hour working as a Lyft or an Uber Eats driver.

Look at these 16 delivery driver jobs that pay up to $50/hour.


4. Rent your Parking Space on Turo

With Turo, you can rent your parking space over the weekends.

List your car for free on Turo. Set your own price, choose the time your car will be available and lay your own rules. You earn within 3 days after each trip through PayPal.

If you choose to use Turo’s insurance and physical damage protection, you will only earn 75% of your earnings – the remaining 25% is to help them cover the costs.


5. Teach Online over the Weekendeducation first

Online tutoring is a flexible weekend job from home. Listed below are two companies where you can work from home as a tutor as long as you have a bachelors degree in any field.  You will also need to reside in the US, UK or Canada to apply for this position.

Most tutoring session last between 20-30 minutes and you will be provided with training material for each class.

Earn up to $22/hr with VIPKID

Earn up to $20/hr with Education First


6. Weekend Jobs Paying Cash

Two of the best weekend jobs paying cash are Respondent and Survey Junkie. Both are online side hustles that pay you cash by PayPal. So make sure you have a PayPal account set up to receive payments.

Respondent is an online platform that connects you to researchers looking for help with their work. As a Respondent, you will be asked to give feedback on a particular study, in the form of a survey or a one-on-one call. The Respondent website shows they have paid out over $10 million till date. The average length of a study is 30 minutes with earning potential up to $140 an hour.

Survey Junkie is a survey site that also pays you PayPal cash. One of the highest paying survey sites where you can earn up to $5o per survey. Currently only available to those living in the US, Canada and Australia.


7. Donate Plasma

You can earn around $400/month donating plasma. Check within your local community or plasma banks to learn more and get started.


8.  Freelancing

Use your skills in a freelance capacity to make money in good weekend jobs doing freelance work. If you are serious about starting a freelance business from home, you have to check out this free workshop by a mom that’s nailing it in the freelance industry.

Here are some examples of freelance weekend jobs you can do for extra money:


9.  Bookkeeping

Are you good with bookkeeping and accounting?

Why not do online bookkeeping work on the side?

There are professional accountants and bookkeepers that make a year’s worth of full-time income just by doing some bookkeeping/accounting work on the side, during tax time.

You can work with small business owners that need bookkeeping help and do this during tax season or throughout the year. Online bookkeeper jobs are well paying, with a potential to earn up to $60 an hour.


10. Catering

I’ve seen a ton of people do this. It’s the perfect weekend job from home if you enjoy cooking.

Get paid to cater to events like weddings, conferences, birthday parties and more. You could even open a small booth at a farmer’s market, flea market, festival or carnival and sell your food by the plate, for extra money.


11. Good Weekend Jobs for Extra Money

If you’re looking for weekend jobs from home, you’ll love survey-taking!

Work from your couch, using your computer or smartphone to answer survey questions about your lifestyle, products and services that you use and consume.

This helps market research companies create products to best suit the needs of the general public, for customers just like you.

While you can’t make a full-time income with survey-taking, this is one of the best weekend jobs for working from home because it’s flexible, pays in cash and rewards (like gift cards), and you can control how much you make, based on the amount of time you invest in taking surveys!

Take a look at these 8 surveys that pay up to $100 per survey, via PayPal!


12. Proofreading

If you are good at correcting grammar errors, this is a job to consider. Proofreaders do not need experience and can work a flexible schedule.

The job of an online proofreader is to check ebooks, blogs or other online content for grammatical and punctuation errors. As a proofreader, you can expect to earn at least $1,000 a month working part-time. Aspiring proofreaders need to check out this free proofreading workshop by Caitlin Pyle made over $40,000 a year as a freelance proofreader from home.


13. Weekend Babysitting Jobs

If you’re good with kids, then babysitting is an ideal fit. As a babysitter, you’ll be in charge of watching kids, doing things like preparing snacks and meals, supervising their play, monitoring naptime, helping with homework, or putting them to bed at night, among other duties.

This is a great job for making extra cash because your client will most likely pay cash immediately before or immediately after you complete your babysitting visit.

Share with friends, family and neighbours that you are babysitting and start making extra money watching others’ kids.


14.  Ask for Overtime

This is probably the easiest way to land a good weekend job. You ask for overtime at your job.

Overtime is awesome because you’ll earn more than your typical hourly rate and you won’t need additional training, education, or skills to do the work.

This means no downtime when it’s time to transition to overtime work and you can get started right away, earning extra money that’s included right in your paycheck.

Enquire with your employer about overtime opportunities to get started making extra money on nights and weekends doing this!


15.  Do Yard Work

Yard work can include mowing lawns, raking leaves, pulling up weeds and other yard work/maintenance. This is a great job to have the time go by quickly and a good way to get a workout in over the weekend.

Talk to neighbours, put up flyers in your community, talk to peers and friends sharing that you offer yard work services and as you book yard jobs, enjoy making extra money during weekends.


Final Thoughts

There you go, 11-weekend jobs for extra money. What do you think? Do you think these are the best weekend jobs out there? Share your thoughts down below in comments.

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