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Having a no spend month is a great way to organize your family finances. When it comes to rules, it’s not easy setting boundaries that are too hard to follow. Easy to achieve targets makes a challenge more doable and motivates you to reach higher goals.

Here are 23 ways for a no spend month challenge, so you can spend less month and swap for healthier alternatives your whole family will enjoy. Make this challenge fun and entertaining rather than a hard task to follow.

Make money without spending:

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Let’s see how we can save money by following a few frugal ways as a family.

Happy home

5. Do a few DIY projects. I love watching YouTube and Pinterest videos to try a few hacks that will save me money. And if you head over Pinterest check them out, let’s be friends there:)

6. Air dry laundry – If it’s not raining or snowing dry out your clothes to saving big on electricity.

7. Sit in the same room as much as possible – This not only saves electricity but also increases family bonding.

8. Have a popcorn evening while watching your favorite TV show or movies – make it a fun at home movie experience.

9. Family walks – fresh air is a great detox for both your mind and body.

10. De-clutter on Saturday and have a garage sale on Sunday. Get rid of things you don’t need, and if they are in a good condition, sell them to someone who might need it. Your home will look refreshed and you can make some extra money too.

11. Stack leftovers in the front of the fridge shelf so you can spot them easily and won’t waste food. Clear containers are perfect to grab your attention.

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Outdoor fun

12. Fun backyard activities for kids – You can let them play in the water sprinkler, in a paddling pool or in the sandpit.

13. BBQ in the garden – a great way to enjoy good food with family and friends.

14. Have lunch in the park – a nice idea if the kids want to go out somewhere. Pack some homecooked food, grab some drinks and some snack if it’s going to be a long day. This way you are not tempted to buy food from outside because you don’t have enough to go.

15. Visit places like the library, beach, the farm (the free ones of course;) museum, nearby or any other free local attractions.

Feel good

16. Church on Sundays – make this a routine and keep your family blessed 🙂

17. Family yoga – Definitely a good thing to try. There are so many levels of yoga that you can start with the beginner level if it’s your first time. Meditation is also a good way to distress from the weekly hassle.

18. Donate to charity – This is, in fact, a great way to teach kids the importance of sharing and caring for others at a very young age. Giving to people that need things more than we do.

19. Walk the dog – keeps you fit and active.

Get kids involved

20. Picnic for kids – Great play idea for smaller children.

21. Get kids to help clean up. Play your kids favorite music to make it fun and not boring. Keep them in a happy mood while they learn to be responsible.

22. Create fun weekend kid-friendly recipes – naan pizza, fruit kebabs and some other easy recipes the kids can help with.

23. Involve kids in storytelling – swap screen time for books! This not only develops their confidence in reading in front of others but also improves their reading.

24. Grow a veggie patch – nothing beats eating healthy home grown produce. My toddler loves this! Kids can enjoy caring for a veggie patch. Plant your kids favorite fruit or veg this makes them even more excited about it.

There you have it! Super easy yet, super healthy activities that will not just save you money but will make you a happy family.

What your favorite no spend tip? Let us know in the comments below:)

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