Believe it or not, there are hundreds of legit online jobs from home that pay well.

While some can be time-consuming there are a few side hustles that can easily accumulate a few hundred dollars a month.

You might be a stay at home mom or a dad looking for ways to add an extra income, or a college student looking for side jobs near you.

Regardless of your situation, this post is going to show you a few odd jobs that pay a decent amount of money.

If $600 -$2,000 a month sound good to you, read on to learn about these 16 tasks for money.

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What are odd jobs?

An odd job is a not so traditional way to make money. It isn’t the usual 9-5 job, but instead small side jobs that once completed will allow you to take on more tasks. 

For example it could be wine tasting, dog walking or handyman jobs in your local neighbourhood. 

In today’s post we are going to take a look at some odd jobs online and some side jobs near you that pay well.


How to find odd jobs?

Apps are the best way to find odd jobs.

Signing up to as many odd job apps like the ones listed below, will widen your chances of landing a few odd jobs a day.

Once you set your rates and availability, you will be able to find odd jobs in your area without having to travel too far for work.


Odd Jobs Near Me that Pay Well

1. Respondent App – Odd Jobs Online

This is an online research study group that pays between $100-$700.

They are looking for professionals, parents or students to sign up with them, so you can help researchers with their work. You can choose to help in the form of online surveys or video calls.

The longer the study and your level of expertise on the subject, the higher your pay – $100 to $700 an hour.

To join Respondent you can sign up here using your LinkedIn or Facebook login for verification.

Once signed up, you will be notified by email when there is a new study available or you can log in to your Respondent dashboard anytime to view opportunities.

Respondent Review post.


2. User Interviews -$100 

Another paid online research platform that lets you earn between $50-$100 per study.

They are currently accepting participants from the US and Canada, with interest in topics ranging from food, consumer goods, technology, pets and more.

On completing the study you will get paid by cash, check, PayPal or by gift cards.

Once you sign up with User Interviews by providing some basic information, you will be emailed relevant studies. Apply to the studies that interest you, and take part in a screening test. Once you are accepted, you participate in the research and get paid.


3. HealthyWage – $10,000

While this isn’t a real job, this app pays you real cash!

HealthyWage is a personal weight loss challenge, that pays you to lose weight. The prize money depends on a few factors like, how much weight you want to lose, length of the challenge you want to participate, and body measurements.

If you are wondering why I have included this to the list, its because you can get paid up to $10,000 if you complete the challenge successfully.

They have a prize calculator where you can see how much you are eligible to earn. The first step after signing up is to place a bet. This can be as little as $6 a month for the period of your challenge. If you reach your weight loss goal, you will get your prize money, which is usually two or three times the amount you invested.

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4. Swagbucks 

If you are looking for an odd jobs app, try Swagbucks. 

Its more of a short tasks website that pays you. You earn points for doing the little things, and these points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

There is more than one way to earn with Swagbucks, and a few of them are listed below.

  1. Get paid to search the web. As simple as that. Once you sign up with Swagbucks, you can use this website instead of Yahoo and Google to browse the web. Using Swagbucks for your internet searches gives you points.
  2. Opportunity to take part in daily surveys, with some paying as high as $35/survey.
  3. Earn cashback points when you shop online at select retailers.

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5. Scan and Earn

Fetch Reward is an app that pays you to scan your receipt. fetch rewards

As simple as that!

No couponing, no scanning barcodes, no surveys and no ads. Once you finish shopping just scan your receipt to earn rewards in the form of e-gift cards from Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, Sephora and hundreds more.

You can cash out with as little as $3. Download Fetch Rewards for free on your phone and start to earn free money.

Another way to make money grocery shopping is with Rakuten. This is one of the highest paying cashback apps that give you PayPal cash. Rakuten is legit and is free to join.


6. Steady App

This is an app that shows job listings around your location. It’s free to sign up and you can do so right here. Since you sign up using your zip code, it will only list available jobs near your area. Some of the work companies listed on the Steady app are Target and Instacart.


7. Branded Surveys

Big companies need help with market research and require survey takers to provide opinion on a product. By answering questions with Branded Surveys you are not only making money, but also help influence companies build products that suit consumers.

Once you sign up with Branded, you will be sent relevant surveys to complete for PayPal cash or virtual gift cards. You need a minimum of 500 points to cash out. Signing up and completing your first survey will help you make your first 100 points. 


8. Survey Junkie

One of the most legit survey apps that pay up to $50 a survey. Survey Junkie can be used by those that are 13 years and over, this makes it great for teenagers that are interested in making money from home.

You will need to have a PayPal account as you can redeem cash once you reach their minimum threshold of $10. This app is currently available to only those living in the US, Canada and Australia.

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Side Jobs Near Me

If you are looking for part time side jobs to make extra cash, here are apps to find work in your neighbourhood.

9. GigWalk

This is an app for small jobs.

Complete short tasks with the Gigwalk app available on both Android and iOS devices. Once you download the app, you can view their map or job listing and complete gigs that are suitable for you. Payments are made to you by PayPal.

Tasks range from 5 minutes to a few hours and you can earn from $3 to $100 depending on the length of the gig.


10. TaskRabbit

If you are looking to find odd jobs in your area for money, try Task Rabbit.

This is an online marketplace where you get paid to do freelance work. You will find work ranging from gardening, pet sitting, cleaning, event planning or being a personal assistant.

Once you have signed up, you can use their app to search and accept gigs. You get your payment on completion of the job.

TaskRabbit is only available to those living in the US and the UK.


11. Airtasker

Similar to TaskRabbit, Airtasker available to those living in Australia and Ireland.

Search for small jobs using the app and make a price offer. Once the poster is happy to proceed with you, you can get the job done, and money is deposited into your Tasker account immediately after you have finished the work.

According to their website, you have the potential to earn up to £2,900 a month with Airtasker.

Airtasker review article here.


12. Instacart

Would you like to earn money shopping for others? 

Join Instacart.

With the option to set your own hours and days of work, you get the opportunity to work as much or as little as you want. Once you have joined Instacart, you earn up to $20 an hour to shop and deliver groceries to customers.


13. Get Paid to Walk Apps

Yes, there are apps available that pay users to walk. Most of them work on a point-based system when you redeem the points for cash or gift cards.

These apps work by tracking your steps through your smartphone.

Here are 18 apps that pay you to walk.


14. Honey App

coupon code finder

The Honey app is a free browser extension that automatically finds coupons when you shop online. Although this isn’t a job app, it can save you some money while you shop. It takes away the hassle of having to look up coupon codes each time we shop.

They have over 10,000,000 members that are using the Honey app to save money.

How does this app work?

First, you will need to install the Honey app and shop online as you normally would. Once you head to the online checkout, this app will automatically give you a coupon code with the biggest savings to use.

They have thousands of retailers you can choose from including eBay, BestBuy and Macy’s.


15. Job Spotter

Jobs Spotter is a fun and engaging odd job app. When you walk around your neighbourhood and see a hiring sign, you can snap a picture of it and submit it to this app.

The more photos you send, the more points you earn. Accumulated points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.


16. Neilsen Computer & Mobile Panel

This app pays you rewards just for installing the apps and letting it run on your phone or desktop. They are a research company that is interested in analysing internet trends.

In return for downloading the Nielsen app, they pay up to $50 a year on each mobile device that has the app running. You also stand a chance to win up to $10,000 in rewards each month.

Another app that works similarly to Neilsen Digital is SlideJoy.


17. Postmates

This is a popular delivery service that works well with any busy lifestyle.

With the Postmates app, you get to deliver groceries, food from restaurants, or alcohol – and you don’t have to use a car. Yes, you can just use your bike to deliver and get paid each week.

It’s free to sign up and you can do so right here.

Once you join, you get a free delivery bag and a prepaid card to begin delivering in your city.

Here are some other delivery driver jobs that are flexible and work well as side jobs.


18. EasyShift App

The EasyShift app is available for those living in the US and the UK.  Once you download the app you will be shown little tasks that will earn you PayPal cash.

Tasks are fun and easy, like taking photos of products, checking for prices, and reviewing deals and discounts.

Odd job apps that pay you for completing short tasks. Make money from home using your smartphone

2 Popular Money Making Sites
  1. Earn up to $50 each time you share your opinion about products and brands - available to those in the US, Canada and Australia. Join Survey Junkie here, it's free!
  2. Take part in daily surveys worth up to $35 with Swagbucks.