Make Money from Home

If you are someone that is not happy at your regular day job and is looking for ideas to make money from home, this list of work-at-home jobs might be helpful in your search. 

Finding the right job is always tricky.

There are so many factors that come into play – from choosing the right career path, salary/benefits and flexibility.

In this post, you will learn creative ways to make money from home, and how to use the internet to find the right jobs. I have also included a few little known jobs in this list, and most of them pay well, with some going up to $50,000 per year.

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How to Make Extra Money from Home

The best way to begin is to figure out your interests and passion to get into the right career.

For me, I enjoyed writing and I had a choice of becoming a freelance writer or a blogger – and I chose the latter. 

You might have a special skill or a special interest, a hobby that you didn’t realize you could monetize – use your current job or home life situation to be an inspiration. 

Here’s some help in decision making:

  • If you enjoy cooking – you can become a food photographer, food blogger, or even write and sell your own cookbook.
  • For finance enthusiasts – become a bookkeeper, finance writer/blogger.
  • Grammar nerds – try proofreading jobs by correcting grammatical errors in blogs and online content. You can earn up to $60,000/yr with this one.
  • Enjoy being a mom? Start a mom blog and write on topics like breastfeeding, baby food, or parenting.


Ways to Make Money from Home


  • Help with Research from home – $140/hr

Respondent is a site that helps researchers with online work. You will help answer questions on a particular research topic either through a video call or an online survey.

Signing up is free and you can do so using your Facebook or LinkedIn login details (for verification). Most of the studies are worth $100 or more an hour and can be done remotely.

Read this review article on Respondent for more details.

  •  Vindale Research – This is another research site that pays for answering research-based survey questions. This is also well paying and can go as high as $50 a survey


  • Side Hustles – $300+/month

Here are some side hustles you can do using your phone, that require very little effort from your end.

  • Survey Junkie – They have over 10 million members that are making from home with surveys. You can earn an extra $200+ a month and have high ratings from over 11,000 reviews.


  • Swagbucks – This cashback site does more than give you money back for your shopping. You can also earn for doing internet searches, and watching cooking shows and other videos.


  • Paribus – This free app works in automation. Once you install the app it scans email receipts of all your online shopping and gives you refunds when there is a price drop. They do all the negotiation to get your money back. Read more in this Paribus review.


  • Trim – This is another automated app that analyses your credit/debit account and cancels unnecessary subscriptions or negotiates lower rates to reduce your bills. Trim can also negotiate your Comcast bill or find the best car insurance – users have saved up to $400 using Trim.

Join Survey Junkie | Join Swagbucks | Join Paribus | Join Trim


  • Proofreading Jobs from Home

Proofreading is correcting grammatical errors in ebooks, blogs and other online content. If you have the knack for correcting mistakes, this job can pay an average of $40,000 a year and can go up to $60k.

Here are over 25 proofreading jobs to apply even as a beginner.

For those wondering how to become a proofreader from home, Caitlin Pyle has a free and very popular proofreading workshop that is over 76 minutes long and has helped students make thousands from home. Here is one such student (& SAHM) that earns as a proofreader from home with three kids.


  • Data Entry Jobs

This job is the best answer on, how to make money online for free – without experience.

Data entry jobs require you to listen to a pre-recorded audio or video and type what you hear. Apart from typing accurately, you will also need to be a fast typist.

Here are 11 data entry jobs to apply.


  • Test Websites

Some website owners pay testers to check their websites for feedback on how to improve it. From improving brand colours, font size, and just the overall feel of their site. They need you to pick defects in their website, so they can make the needed changes and improve readers experience.

Here are some websites that pay you for this.

  • User Testing
  • Enroll
  • TryMyUI
  • UserFeel
  • Testing Time


  • Six-Figure Freelance Writer

There is always a demand for written content whether its providing copywriting services, writing blog posts, ebooks, white papers, or online courses. 

There are also online magazines that can pay more than $250 per article that’s published. This is a good way to make quick money.

Holly Johnson is a six-figure freelancer who teaches new and advanced writers on how to make a full-time income from home – writing. Her free intro-class gives you inside tips on how she grew her income to $200,000 a year. 


  • Virtual Assistant

Are you highly organised and have some administrative experience? Then becoming a virtual assistant might be just the job for you. 

You find your own ideal clients to work with, set your own hours and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with the help of your skills. 

As you take on more clients you can end up making up to $5,000 per month and can even start your own virtual assistant agency.

Advance Career options:

Virtual assistants can move on to become a real estate VA or a Pinterest VA and increase their chances of earning more.


  • Lend Your Voice

As a voice-over artist, you can work from home lending your voice for podcasts, store announcements, book narration and more. As a beginner, you can find work on Fiverr.

Here are a few other places to apply as a voice artist. 


  • Online Translator

There are a few online translation jobs available for freelancers looking to work a few hours a day. Rev and Unbabel are two companies that offer translation work from home. Rev also offers to pay you to caption videos from home.


  • Drive and Earn

DoorDash is one of the most flexible food delivery jobs available. You will need to be 18 years and over, own a vehicle and a smartphone, have valid insurance and pass a background check.  As a dasher – that’s what they call their delivery drivers, you get paid weekly.

Uber Eats is another food delivery job to make money.  The flexibility is good as you can choose whether you want to deliver in the mornings, evenings or only on the weekends. You don’t need to have a car, as you can also use your scooter or bike to deliver food.

Join Uber Eats | Join DoorDash


  • Illustrator

Do you have a creative eye for design? Are you great at drawing? If yes, you can start to make money as a freelance illustrator. 

As an illustrator, you get to convert paper drawings into digital art. Read how Angela makes $4,000/month as an illustrator.

With this skill, you can offer a number of online services such as designing logos, business cards, social media banners and posts, ebook covers, clipart, the list goes on and sell them on sites like Creative Market or on your own digital e-commerce store.


  • Blogging

I’m sure you have a number of favourite blogs that you love to read but how about creating your own? 

With all the ways to make money from home listed above, it’s important to have a blog attached to them to get the news out about your products and services. 

Other ways you can make money blogging is through paid ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and through your email subscribers.

There are many bloggers who make a full-time income such as a regular $1000 per month to even six figures.

Steps to starting your own blog.


  • Social Media Manager

If you always find yourself on social media commenting, liking and sharing pictures with friends and family why not earn money when on social media instead. 

You can learn the skills on how to create, design, write, moderate and schedule content on the various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and get paid by offering your social media management services. 

This is a very lucrative way to make money at home online as it doesn’t take up too much time due to using scheduling tools and it takes the pressure for your client to concentrate on other parts of their business.


Creative Ways to Make Money from Home Online

If you’re a more creative person you can always make money online from your hobby. Why not try out one of these money-making ideas?

Final Thoughts

Now that you have been given a few ideas on what you can do to start making money from home online why not get started with any of the suggestions that suit you and don’t forget to share this post with others and make a comment below on what you plan to do fo your work from home business.

Best ways to make money from home. Here are over 50 jobs that are hiring remote workers to make money from home

How to Make Money from Home

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